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I heard the song was made just for the commercial.

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i hear they made it up just for the commerical

the correct title of this song is You Know How To Make Me Feel So Good

no, hollister didn't buy bluenotes. ruehl, abercrombie and fitch, hollister and aeropostale are all under the same company, but bluenotes is not.

Originally by Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes. Re-recorded by Felt Music, singer Lindsey Cleary.

This song was produced specifically for the commercial. It is not an actual song!

How Will I Love You is the song in the most recent Nokia commercial. The song is by Ellie Goulding.

The song in the Dell commercial is a remake of the song Lollipop by The Chordettes

the song was only made for commercial. :(

The Bond song in the Zales commercial is "Allegretto."

The name of the song in the latest Kia commercial is Applause by Lady Gaga. The song is featured in a Soul commercial.

The song on the dead souls commercial is not a song it is a poem called the spider and the Fly

Sprint Commercial:=Song: Nattappet by Detektivbyran=

Russel Peterson sings the song on the lakers commercial.

What is the song in the 2013 American Idol commercial

Do I Wanna Know is the song in the bacardi untameable commercial.

The newest Dell commercial uses the song "Lollipop".

I dont think there is a commercial with a Hank Williams song

the song in the Kohl's back to school commercial is "Mercy" by Duffy

The band is named: Will Advise. The song was specially made for the commercial

In the 2010 commercial, the song is "On the Wing" by Owl City.

The song in the Chase commercial is Everywhere by Michelle Branch

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