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The song is "Going Whichever Way the Wind Blows" by Pete Droge. Great song!

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What is the new pennzoil commercial song?

the song that i heard was ''Moving In Stereo'' by The Cars

What song is heard in the new Cingular commercial for the Black Jack phone?

the song playing in the blackjack commercial is Stringing Sitars by Anjali

What is the song played on the new 2009 Toyota Rav4 commercial?

The free design- love you

Song heard on new ipod commercial?

The name of the song is Shut Up and Let Me Go, by The Ting Tings

What is the new song being played in Toyota innova commercial?

Michael Jackson - heal the world

What is the name of the song heard in the new Laguna Beach commercial?

If you are referring to the same commercial that I saw, the song is called 'Babysitter' by Morningwood. it is called number 1 by Goldfrapp

Who sings the song there's a reason in the new Toyota commercial?

Let Your Love Flow by the Bellamy Brothers.

What is the name of the song heard in the Bacardi Mojito commercial?

Bacardi Song by The Muddle or there is a remix by DJ Sadegh (still called Bacardi Mojito Commercial song) The new one is by Matt and Kim called daylight

What is the music in the Toyota venza commercial?

Jonathan Elias - More to see The song is by Elias.... specifally composed for the Toyota commercial. Song name is "Thrive". You can find the free download of the mp3 here (Toyota website, bottom left corner under whats new) Enjoy!

Who sings the new Toyota Prius commercial song?

"The 2013 Toyota Prius: "Those Who Get It, Get It" with Raphael Saadiq" This commercial features a man with glasses (artist, Raphael Saadiq) singing a song with a guitar. He starts out singing from the open hatch of the car. He then gets up and starts singing to three woman who are in the back seat."

Who wrote the great song on the new Toyota commercial where various passengers are changing in fast speed motion?

Wheel by Fisher

What is the name of the song heard in the newest Bacardi Mojito commercial?

Matt & Kim "Daylight", is the group and song that they are using for the new Bacardi Mojito commercials

What is the song on the new Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive commercial 2005?

Try It's a site that lists past and current commercial songs and artists.

Who sings the song heard in the Muller yogurt commercial?

= I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore - REO Speedwagon =this is the new advert

What is the name of the song heard on the Magnum Ice Cream commercial?

the song is Apparenty Tumpa (Earthquake) by Yma Sumac this is on the new Magnum Advert with the Incan people

What is the name of the song in the new Toyota commercial with the two parents singing and the kid says help you?

Angel of the Morning by Juice Newton

What is the Song on the new ATT commercial?

Landon Pigg - Coffee Shop is the Song on the new ATT commercial.

What is the song on the new sprite commercial?

it was made for the commercial

Who sings the song on the new Bing commercial?

The Lumineers sing the song 'Ho Hey' for the new Bing commercial.

What is the soft acoustic song called on the new Toyota commercial?

'Going Whichever Way the Wind Blows' by Pete Droge

Who sings the new Toyota commercial on TV?

The Fixx

Who is the man in the new Toyota commercial?

Tommy Tupperville

Who is the girl in new Toyota commercial?

Kaley Couco

What is new song and female artist in new Honda commercial?

From the new Honda CR-V commercial? artist: Mr. Little Jeans, song: rescue song

Who sings the current 2005 Toyota commercial?

The song is called "Beautiful Day" by Kathy Fisher. It is on her new album "The Lovely Years" It is available @ :)