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The song is Mercy by Duffy

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What is the song in The Hunger Games trailer?

The song in the trailer is called Deep Shadows by T.T.L.

What is the song from the love of ray j trailer?

It's not the trailer, its the theme song and the song is Sexy Ladies by Ray J.

What song is played in the last song trailer?

If I remember correctly then I believe the song that was played in the trailer is: "When I Look At You" by Miley Cyrus

What song is used in the Outcasts trailer?

A song

What song is played inThe Sorcerer's Apprentice movie trailer?

In one trailer the song is Secrets by OneRepublic.

What is the song halo reach trailer called?

It just depends on what trailer. But the campaign trailer #1 is part of the HALO Reach soundtrack and the song is Lone Wolf.

What is the song in the def jam Rapstar trailer?

The song in the Def Jam Rapstar trailer is "Hustlin'" by Rick Ross

What song in Maplestory Evan trailer?

It is a promotional song. There is no full song.

What song is in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 trailer?

what is the song called in mw2 trailer i know who it is i just dont know what the song is called

What is the song called in 'The Last Song' trailer?

The song playing in 'The Last Song' trailer is called 'When I Look At You' by Miley Cyrus. It is off of her album 'The Time of Our Lives'.

What is the song used on the trailer for Sofia Coppola's Somewhere?

The song used in the trailer is "I'll Try Anything Once" by The Strokes.

What is the song in the namesake trailer?

The song that is used for the second part of the trailer is "Immediate Music" by the band Worlds Apart. (Loto Sakurambo)

What is the song used in Abraham Lincoln- Vampire Hunter trailer?

the song used in the trailer is grit pluse by methodic doubt

What song is playing in the live actiion Halo ODST trailer?

The song in the trailer is calmer verion (more epic) of the song "Light of Aiden" by Cafe Del Mar

Who wrote the music in the hereafter movie trailer?

The first song in the trailer is Lullaby by Sia.

What is the song in mbc 2 screaming Sundays trailer?

The song in MBC 2 - Screaming Sunday trailer is Elvis's 'Cotton Candy Land'.

What is the song in the ironman trailer?

The song is Iron Man by Black Sabbath

What is the third song on Disturbed's Indestructible trailer?

this song called "the night"

What is the song in the machine gun preacher trailer?

The song is 'Revival' by Soulsavers.

What is the song played during the Spider Man Web of Shadows trailer?

The song is "Moonlight Sonata" by Beethoven.

What is the Iron Man 3 trailer song?

In The Iron Man 3 Trailer The Audio Is Used To Get You Exited And To Obtain/Keep Your Attention. This Audio Was Made By Marvel And Used Only For The Iron Man 3 Trailer, Sorry But No Song Exists From That Trailer.

What is the song in the background to the Black Butler season 2 enlgish dub trailer?

If I can hear the song playing in the trailer, I will be able to tell you which song it is. But, I am unsure of which exact trailer you are referring to. If you would like to contact me privately, and provide a link to the trailer, I will have a listen. --This answer will be edited and updated once more information has been provided.

What is the song on the twilight trailer?

Decode by Paramore

What is the song in the videodrome trailer?

Fran by narfcore

What is the song from Tangled trailer?

"Troubled" by Pink.