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Name of song in Puma commercialMazarin-For Energy Infinite

The latest Puma commercial has a guy singing a song. Artist is Paolo Nutini and the name of the song is "New Shoes".

Gnarls Barkley - Going On

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โˆ™ 2010-04-10 14:43:51
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Q: What is the song on the Puma commercial?
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What song is featured on the Puma commercial with Usain Bolt?

The Puma commercial with Usain Bolt features the song "All Out" by Elephant Man. Other Puma commercials featured songs such as "New Shoes" by Paolo Nutini and "For Energy Infinite" by Mazarin.

What is the song on the puma shoes commercial?

Paolo Nutini - New Shoes

Who sings the song from the Puma commercial?

It's Paolo Nutini's song "new shoes". You can find the video on youtube.

Who sings the song Head shoulders knees and toes from the Puma women's soccer commercial?

I bought it on itunes. Head Shoulders Kneez and Toez-Hip stars inc. but it was originally produced by K.I.G.

What is the song in the Schick hydro commercial?

This song was produced specifically for the commercial. It is not an actual song!

What is the song from the bluenotes commercial?

I heard the song was made just for the commercial.

What is the song in the Nokia commercial?

How Will I Love You is the song in the most recent Nokia commercial. The song is by Ellie Goulding.

Who sings the lollipop song from that dell commercial?

The song in the Dell commercial is a remake of the song Lollipop by The Chordettes

What is the song in the latest McDonald's commercial?

the song was only made for commercial. :(

What is the Bond song from the Zales commercial?

The Bond song in the Zales commercial is "Allegretto."

What is the name of the song for the latest KIA commercial?

The name of the song in the latest Kia commercial is Applause by Lady Gaga. The song is featured in a Soul commercial.

What is the song that is whistled throughout the commercial?

what commercial

What is the McDonald's commercial song that goes i want to be lost in the wonder of all the world?

the song was a commercial made song.

What is the dead souls commercial song?

The song on the dead souls commercial is not a song it is a poem called the spider and the Fly

What is the song on the sprint commercial with the ice skaters?

Sprint Commercial:=Song: Nattappet by Detektivbyran=

Who sing the lakers commercial song?

Russel Peterson sings the song on the lakers commercial.

What song on America idol 2013 commercial?

What is the song in the 2013 American Idol commercial

What is the song in the bacardi untamable commercial?

Do I Wanna Know is the song in the bacardi untameable commercial.

What is the new song for the Mcdonalds breakfast which commercial at the end of the commercial it says spread the joy?

the song was only made for commercial :(

What is the song on the Dell commercial?

lollipop song

What is the song in the new Dell laptop commercial?

The newest Dell commercial uses the song "Lollipop".

What is the hank Williams song in the jeep commercial?

I dont think there is a commercial with a Hank Williams song

What is the title of the song on the Kohls commercial?

the song in the Kohl's back to school commercial is "Mercy" by Duffy

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In the 2010 commercial, the song is "On the Wing" by Owl City.