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Original answer "How Can I Tell You" by Cat Power - is right! Confirmed by spokesman from Journey Diamonds.

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How do you spell necklic?

The word is spelled necklace, a chain or jewelry worn around the neck.

What is a necklace?

A necklace for those of you who don't know is a piece of jewelry that goes around your neck. it can be loose or tight and is pretty in gold and sliver colors. most women wear them on special occasions

What is something tourists wear around there necks?

a welcome necklace or a flower necklace

What is necklace?

necklace is an accesory that goes around your neck and usually has some sort of design or jewel on it

What did Cleopatra wear around her neck?

Cleopatra's wore a necklace around her neck. Depending on the occasion, it would be either a symbol of her authority or divinity. Egyptian tastes in jewelry ran to the bright and colorful. For other occasions, such as depicted on her coins, she preferred pearls.

What do you wear around your neck?

A necklace or a scarf.

What is something that is worn around your neck?


What is the difference between a necklace and a earring?

a necklace goes around your neck and an earring goes in your ear piercing

What necklace does Mariska Hargitay wear?

The necklace that Mariska Hargitay wears is from Me & Ro. Proceeds from the necklace go to Mariska's charity Joyful Heart Foundation. The necklace costs around $550. Hope this helps :)

What will jewelry look like in 2100?

Jewllery might have like moving animations or lasers that come out of a necklace. Or probably gas from Jupiter in a small glass container around your neck. Minerals from other planets will be used.

How do you wear a phiten necklace?

You wear a phiten necklace by unhooking it and putting it around your neck. Then you close the ends and you are wearing it.

What does it mean when a angel necklace comes off?

You need to fix the necklace! Or look around for your nearest angel to fix it!

What is the difference between neck designs and necklace designs?

Necklaces are jewelry that hang around the neck and often are made of metal with or without decorative stones. A neck design refers to Indian and Pakistani clothing that features an ornate embellishment around the neck opening on the fabric.

What is another word for something worn around your neck?

A necklace

What is a wearable device you can wear around your neck called?

A necklace.

Where can you get a bracelet on harvest moon ds?

There is a cave-like opening in the very top right of Forget-Me-Not Valley. Go into the cave opening. This is a jewelry mine!! Pull out your hoe and dug around. Eventually, you will find a blue bracelet!! Hope this helped!! Oh, and btw, you will find other pieces of jewelry such as necklace, earrings, and lotion too!! <3

Something a tourist might have around their neck?

camera, lanyard, necklace

What is the cord around MLB pitchers neck for?

It is a Phiten titanium necklace.

How do you make shark teeth necklace?

To make a shark tooth necklace someone needs a tooth, material to make a necklace out of, thin easily bendable wire and sometimes a clasp. Wrap the wire around and over then add a loop to the top which the necklace material will run through.

When did Egyptian jewelry start?

Around 4000BC

When it a good time for sleeping?

around 9

What does Monet mean on a piece of jewelry?

Monet is the name of a costume jewelry company.It has been around for a long time and is still in business. It does not make expensive jewelry!

Who is supposed to get the necklace when Atticus dies?

drug dealers around the block had a shot out for it

Where does neptune necklace live?

New Zealand and the cooler waters around Australia.

How do you make jewelry?

I personally would find stones and get some bendy metal to wrap around and hook it up to a chain to make a necklace. I also would find seashells with holes and attach them to the earring part! Learn how to make great beaded jewelry for birthdays, holidays, weddings, babies, mothers day, graduations and other special occasions. Make beaded jewelry of bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, pendants, charms, animals, flowers and many more jewelry items. Let this be the year of holiday gifts handcrafted by you. A gift of thoughtful love.