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This is referring to season 10, episode 16, where a going away party is thrown for Rachel. The song playing when Rachel and Ross kiss is just general show music.

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Which friends episode is it when Ross leaves Rachel in Greece?

The very beginning of season 5, right after he marries Emily.

What friends episode does Rachel give birth?

the one where rachel has a baby(1),(2) season 8 episode 24

What episode of friends was Tenby Turner in?

The episode was in the second to the last season, when Rachel celebrated her birthday. The episode was in the second to the last season, when Rachel celebrated her birthday.

What episode of Friends does Rachel make an English Truffle?

Season 6, Episode 9

What season and episode of friends did Rachel get a cat in?


What did Jesse do to Rachel on glee?

Jesse was dating Rachel (not shown in the episode) and then soon after he and his friends pelted eggs at her. :(

Who plays Melissa in friends season 7 episode 20?

Melissa is played by Winnona Ryder, a former sorority sister of Rachel

Who did Sandra gould play in friends?

Sandra Gould played an old woman in Friends during the Season 3, Episode 10 called The One Where Rachel Quits.

What 'friends' episode was it when rachel said that chandler's job was a transponder?

The One With the Embryos

Which FRIENDS episode should I watch?

the one where ross and rachel are on a break

Who played rachel on friends?

Jennifer Aniston

In friends what episode did rachel find out about monica and chandler?

The One With All the Resolutions

In the last episode of friends do Ross and Rachel get married?

No...they get back together though.

What is the episode of friends where joey sells Christmas trees?

Season 3 Episode 10, The One Where Rachel Quits.

What episode is it that rachel in friends gets the eyedrops?

Season 5, Episode 22, The One With Joey's Big Break.

Which friends episode does rachel green have almost waist-length hair?

season 6, episode 21

Who played Joshua on friends?

Who played Rachel 's boyfriend , Joshua, on season 4 of friends

What is the name of the episode in friends where monica throws a party for Rachel and makes phoebe in charge of cups and ice?

This is The One Where Rachel Smokes.

What was the friends episode called when rachel was teaching ben tricks?

Its 'The One With The Truth About London'

Where can you find the black dress that Monica is wearing in friends episode Rachel is late?

on ebay

On friends did gunther go out with Rachel?

No. In the last episode Gunther finally proclaims his love for Rachel but she rejects him (as nicely as possible) and leaves for Paris.

Which character is played by Jennifer Anistons in friends?

Aniston played Rachel Greene.

In friends how does Rachel remember her plane seat number in the last episode?

It's her bra size.

On Friends Reese Witherspoon played the sister of which character?


What was Jennifer annistons name of friends?

She played Rachel Green

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