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That would be Beck's "E-Pro." I was actually wondering this myself, and had been researching the question when I came across this.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-26 07:00:44
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Q: What is the song that is played in the background of the trailer for the movie Nacho Libre?
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What is the Nacho libre trailer song?

e-pro by beck

What is the duration of Nacho Libre?

The duration of Nacho Libre is 1.53 hours.

When was Nacho Libre?

Nacho Libre was released on 06/16/2006.

What was the budget for Nacho Libre?

The Production Budget for Nacho Libre was $32,000,000.

When was Nacho Libre created?

Nacho Libre was created on 2006-06-16.

When was Nacho Libre released?

Nacho Libre was released on 06/16/2006.

What was the Production Budget for Nacho Libre?

The Production Budget for Nacho Libre was $32,000,000.

How much money did Nacho Libre gross worldwide?

Nacho Libre grossed $99,296,462 worldwide.

How much money did Nacho Libre gross domestically?

Nacho Libre grossed $80,197,993 in the domestic market.

When does nacho libre take place?

All the cars that apear in nacho libre tend to be from the mid 70s' and older.

When did Nacho Libre - video game - happen?

Nacho Libre - video game - happened in 2006.

What are nacho libre main characters?

nacho, encarnacio, esqueleta, chancho

Will there be a nacho libre 2?


When was Nacho Libre - video game - created?

Nacho Libre - video game - was created on 2006-10-24.

What are the release dates for Nacho Libre - 2006 VG?

Nacho Libre - 2006 VG was released on: USA: 24 October 2006

What is the funniest quote from Nacho Libre?


What does nacho libre mean in English?

Looks like a bad translation of "free nacho" - "libre", in Spanish, means free in the sense of freedom, as when you are not in prison.

In the movie nacho libre what does nacho libre mean?

Free Nachos? Haha no it does not mean "Free Nachos". Nacho is actually a nickname for the spanish name Ignacio. In the movie, Jack Black's name is Ignacio so in the ring he calls himself "Nacho". Lucha Libre means - "free fight" so the movie is kind of changing the title to Nacho Libre in a witty way. :) God, i sound like a nerd! haha

Peyton Mannings favorite movie?

nacho libre

Who directs Nacho Libre?

it's Jared Hess

Who plays esqueleta on nacho libre?

Héctor Jiménez

Who signed the declaration of indapendence in Philadelphia?

Nacho libre

What is Peyton List's favorite movie?

Nacho libre

Who directed Nacho Libre ?

it's Jared Hess

How old is darius rose from nacho libre?

he is 12 i think