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The sound made by lions is called a roar.

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The prominent sound by a lion is its roar. Lions also growl ferociously.

a sound made by a beetle is called a nack

the group of lions is called a pride they make a roaring sound

the sound travels up the lions inner cornial, into the exoskeloton, and moves small muscles called ollintalion lions cornial shell {| ! style="BACKGROUND: white" ||}

The sound of a sparrow is called chip.

It was made by air vibrating called sound waves

the sound that a sheep makes is called 'bleeting"

peter patter is the sound made by rain.....

lions make sounds through there vocal chords,the sound can travel for miles!

Lions are made from the reproduction of male and female lions.

Sound made by a brook is called "babble". Hope it helps. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Lou Lou is the sound that is usually made by the peafowl.

The sound made by an owl is called a hoot. However, the sounds are more like a whoooo or hoooo.

I believe it is called chirping. 'Chirr' is also used. The sound made by a cricket is called stridulation, a shrill creaking sound made by rubbing/chafing certain body parts together (to stridulate).

Analog sound generator made by telephone ringing IB

The sound made by a fan is called either Horrah or Yeay. The horrah is that made by a football fan and the yeah is that of a soccer fan.

Nope, they sound different

a squeaky sound, its like a cheap (:

When a goat makes a sound it is called "bleating"

its called the sound of thunder because of the sound that the gunshot made when they killed the dinousar

A group of lions is called a pride.A pack

A group of lions are called a PrideA group of lions is called a pride.

A group of lions is called a pride.

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