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Q: What is the spanish pronunciation for west?
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How do you say in 27 in spanish?

Veintisiete is the Spanish pronunciation for 27.

What website is good for learning pronunciations of Spanish?

Spanish pronunciation videos always help. You can try out, a site that has a ton of videos that relate to learning Spanish. There's a category for Spanish Pronunciation.

How do you pronounce cigar in Spanish-?

The pronunciation for the word cigar in Spanish is cigarro.

West in Spanish?

"Oeste" is Spanish for "West"

What is 'Marie' when translated from French to Spanish?

"María" is a Spanish equivalent of "Marie."Specifically, the Spanish and the French names translate into English as "Mary." The Spanish pronunciation is "mah-REE-ah." The French pronunciation is "mah-ree."

What is Barcelona in spanish?

The spelling and pronunciation are the same.

What is Spanish pronunciation for the word funny?


What is the pronunciation of the Spanish word 'tres'?

"Treyss" is the pronunciation of the Spanish word tres. The word in question is a number whose translation into English is "three (3)."

What is Sherilyn in Spanish?

Sherilyn. Names don't change in Spanish just the pronunciation

How you say Sharon in spanish?

Spanish pronunciation: shArun (unlike Spanish, the first syllable would be stressed

Pronunciation Diego maradona?

read it like spanish.

How do you say 'flexible' in Spanish?

It is spelled the same way in Spanish, but the pronunciation is "flex-EE-bleh".