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su eposa esta dormida

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Q: What is the spanish translation for your wife is asleep?
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What is the French translation for asleep?

asleep is tranlated "endormi" in French

What is the Spanish translation of Not?

No is the translation of not in spanish.

What is translation for Spandex in Spanish?

The translation for spandex in Spanish is: licra.

What is the Spanish word for asleep?


The Spanish Translation for you are in Love?

The Spanish translation for "you are in love" is "estás enamorado/a".

What does ya te dormiste corazon mean in English?

Translation: You already fell asleep, my love.

What is the spanish translation for say?

Spanish translation for says is dice

What is the translation of cafe in spanish?

La cafetería is the translation of cafe in Spanish.

What is Spanish translation for you I did not know?

The Spanish translation for "I did not know" is "Yo no sabia"

What is the translation for sweet in spanish?

The translation for "sweet" in Spanish is "dulce."

Spanish translation for Don't eat?

The spanish translation for "don't eat" is "no comas"

What is the Spanish translation for the word ekphrastic?

The Spanish translation of the word "ekphrastic" is "ecfrástico"