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A manager is called "Gerente" or "Encarcado". Encargado literally means "in charge" or "charged with".

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Q: What is the spanish word for manager?
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How do you say construction manager in spanish?

Construction manager when translated to Spanish is Gerente de Construccion

How do you say manager in Spanish?


How do you say restaurant manager in Spanish?

restaurant manager = gerente de restaurante

Another word for acting manager?

Interim Manager

What is the french word for 'office manager'?

Office manager

What does la gerente mean in spanish?

the manager (female)

Is guitar a spanish word?

The spanish word for guitar is Guitarra. This English word came directly from the Spanish word, but it is not a Spanish word any more than the Spanish word is an Arabic word. "qutar" or a Greek word Chirara.

How do you unscramble MANAGER?

The letters in the word "manager" can also spell the word pair "rage man."

Is a female manager called a manageress?

The noun 'manageress' is an obsolete word for a manager who is female.The noun 'manager' is a common gender noun, a word for a male or a female in charge.

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"De" is the Spanish word for "of".

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The spanish word for did is hizo.