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Q: What is the spanish word for mine?
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What does spanish word mio mean in English?

"Mío" means mine, as in "this is mine".

What does the spanish word mis mean?

Plural possessive of mine. Example: Mis libros. (my books)

What does the word mya mean in spanish?

Myanna in spanish means Tommorow. I know because my name is there you go byeea

What is the meaning of 'mina' in Spanish?

Mine, as of gold mine.

What does mia mean in spanish?


What is the Kikuyu word for the English word mine?

Yakwa is the Kikuyu word for the English word mine.

How do you Say i wiSh you were mine in spanish?

i wish you where mine from English to spanish English: I wish you where mine Spanish: Le deseo que la mía

How do you say the pleasure is mine in Spanish's?

"El gusto es mío""The pleasure is mine"To say the Pleasure is all mine in Spanish, You would say: El placer es mío

How do you say hes mine in Spanish?

If you say try say "he's mine" de better spanish is "el es mio".If you say only "is mine" is correct "es mio"

What is the word you are mine in Japanese?

you are mine

What is mine in spanish?

mio por siempre

How do you say she is mine in spanish?

Me pertence (ella)