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The same as it is for any other vehicle.

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2014-12-08 06:02:46
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What happens if you have right of way at a four way intersection and you are hit by another car

When entering a bicycle lane to make a right turn within how many feet must you enter the lane before making the turn

Maximum speed limit in California

The speed limit in a business district is

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Q: What is the speed limit a large RV on the freeway can drive?
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It is legal to drive faster than the speed limit on the freeway?

The speed limit is the top speed that is legally allowed. If it is exceeded, you are breaking the law.

Can a truck that can only drive 60 miles per an hour drive on a freeway when the speed limit is 80?

The speed limit of 80 mph is the fastest that vehicles are allowed to go. So 60 mph would be normal for trucks.

When entering a freeway entrance that allows you to accelerate to merge you should drive at?

about the same speed as freeway traffic

Freeway speed limit is 65 mph cars are driving 70 mph what mph is it legal to drive?

It would be 65 MPH.

Curved ramp speed limit Pasadena freeway?

45 mph

How do you use Maximum a sentence?

"The maximum speed limit on the freeway is 70mph."

What is the slowest speed limit on the freeway under normal conditions?


What is minimum speed on freeway?

There isn't a minimum speed per se, but if you are impeding traffic you can be ticketed. It isn't safe to drive slow on the freeway, other cars may not judge your speed correctly, it's more difficult to merge, and it makes other drivers very upset, which makes them more dangerous and aggressive. So if you can't drive the speed limit on the freeway, stay on surface streets or take the bus.

What is thamaximum speed limit allowed on a freeway?

The highest speed limit I know of on an Interstate highway in the U.S. is 75 MPH, but that varies.

What is the Oklahoma freeway speed limit?

70 mph. But the turnpikes are 75 mph.

Will you get arrested if you drive 70 speed limit?

If it's not the speed limit yes

How do you not get caught speeding?

If the speed limit is 50, drive 50. If the speed limit is 60, drive 60 and so on.

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