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763 mph/1,228 kmph

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Q: What is the speed record of the Thrust SSC?
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In what year was the first supersonic land-speed recorded by thrust ssc in black rock desert US?

Thrust SSC set the land speed record on October 15, 1997.

Worlds fastest four wheeler speed record?

It's Thrust SSC, the holder of the world land speed record of 763 mph

Where is the land speed record located?

The current unlimited land speed record of 763 mph set by Thrust SSC was set in the Black Rock Desert, USA.

How fast does thrust ssc go?

Thrust SSC achieved the World Land Speed Record, on 15 October 1997. It became the first car to officially break the sound barrier when it reached a speed of 1,228 km/h (763 mph).

When was the land speed record set?

The most recent LSR set was set on the 15th October 1997 by the Thrust SSC

How much does a thrust ssc weigh?

The THRUST SSC has a top speed of 1228km per hour and it weighs 6.4 tonnes.

Who set the current land speed record?

RAF Pilot Andy Green driving The thrust SSC REACHED A RECORD SUPER SONIC SPEED OF 1227.986 kph (760.343 mph)

How fast is the fastest land car?

763.035 MPH is the world land speed record held by the rocket car THRUST SSC.

Land speed record 2009?

The world land speed record has not changed. It is still 763 mph which was set by Thrust SSC at Black Rock Desert, USA on Oct 15, 1997.

What kind of car is a Thrust SSC?

A Thrust SSC is a supersonic jet propelled car. It still holds the world land speed record and went as fast as 763 mph making it the first car to break the sound barrier.

What is the world record for the acceleration of a land vechile with a driver?

Its a thrust ssc

What is the world land speed record in a car?

the 'thrust SSC' went 750mph - ish back about a decade ago, but there are plans for the 'bloodhound SSC' to hit the 1000 mph marker next year