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It is a game similar to racket ball. You play with a ''flat'' ball and a racket.

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Q: What is the sport the French play similar to squash?
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What sport does janghir khan play?

he is a squash player

What sport did Heather mckay play?

She played squash and was un beatable.

What sport requires the best physical fitness to play?

rugby or squash

Is squash an individual or team sport?

No, squash has never been competed at the Olympics. Squash was one of the sports up for inclusion into the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro but lost out to rugby sevens and golf. It is very possible that we will see squash in the Olympics in the next 10-20 years.

Which sport does Egypt people play?

I don't think that there is a special sport but people love football(soccer), squash, handball and tennis

Why is squash not an Olympic sport?

It's so annoying that it isn't. I think it's the best sport to play and watch. I play at a national level and i hope that it will be in the Olympics soon! :)

How do you say 'sports i play' in french?

je joue le sport - this means i play sports

What kind of sport do the french play?


What sport do french students play?


What sport do french people play?


What sport do a lot of french people play?

Soccer Boules

When is squash in season?

If you mean the sport: All months, as it is an indoor sport. You can play it whenever you want. If you are talking about the plant: There is both summer and winter squash. The best time to start growing squash is about a month before the last frost of the year. You just harvest them once they are mature. The website below might help with growing your own squash.