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A 925 stamped on any ring (if not a replica or fake) is a numerical term used to define the most referring to precious metal "sterling silver" jewelry piece. 925 is a percentage of silver... 92.5 percent is silver of the piece stamped sterling or 925. the other 7.75 percent of the metals are not of silver content.

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What does the A stand for?
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Q: What is the stamp mean A 925 mean on your ring?
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Fas 925 stamp on ring what does it mean?

FAS 925 on a gold ring what does it mean?

What does it mean on a ring when its stamp 925RSC?

"925" usually indicates sterling silver.

What does the stamp SP and 925 mean on a shiny silver colour ring?

what sp in silver

I have a ring with 925 cna inside the band what does it mean?

The 925 stamp indicates sterling silver, or 92.5% silver content. The other characters are more than likely a makers stamp.

What does 925 A mean on a ring?

what does 925 A mean

What does HMT 925 engraved on the inside of a ring mean?

What does 925 inside a silver ring mean

What does CI 925 mean on a ring?

CI 925 Ring with lots of Diamonds

What does 925 aur stamped in an old ring mean?

925 or .925 is a purity stamp for sterling silver, meaning the piece is 92.5% silver with 7.5% other metals (usually copper).

What does JS 925 mean stamped inside a rin?

Stamped inside a ring, the JS initials and the 925 mean the initials of the manufacturer and the karat of the ring. A ring that says 925 means that the ring has 925 karats.

What does it mean if a silver bracelet has a 925 and a 127 stamp?

The 925 stamp mean the jewelry made from 92.5 percent silver.

What is a silver ring with 925 DS on it worth?

the 925 stamp means that its sterling silver, has something to do with the ratio of silver with copper. the DS im trying to figure out for my ring as well... selling price of that ring? prolly like 15-30 bucks second hand.

What does 922 mean on a ring?

925 on a ring mean

929 stamp on ring jewelry?

Yes 929 or 925 on silver is real

What does 925 on a ring mean?

The silver content is .925

What does NH 925 mean on a ring?

I have a turquoise bracelet and ring that match with NH 925 on it what does the NH stand for

What does stamp 25 on a ring mean?

if it is a white metal it is probably sterling silver. the stamp for sterling silver is 925. the 9 might've worn away. 925 means its 92,5 percent silver and the other 7,5 percent is copper.

What does 925 sun mean stamped on a ring?

It means it's Sterling Silver (925), and the SUN is the stamp for the manufacturer

What does JA stamp mean in a ring?

what does J A ring stamp mean

What does 925 inside a ring mean?

.925 percent silver.

What does 925 mean on ring?

925 means sterling silver

What does 925 PD inside a ring mean?

PD 925

What 925 stamp on gold ring means?

It means it gold over silver

What does 925 NH on a ring mean?

I have a turquoise bracelet and ring that match with NH 925 on it what does the NH stand for

What does SA stamped inside of a womens 925 ring mean?

Silver that is sterling silver is 92.5 percent pure silver, and it will almost always be marked with this number in some way. Many jewelers will stamp this number either as "925" or as ".925," but both mean the same thing.

What does rj8 mean on a gold ring?

What doesrj8 &925