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Italian poetry was arranged in metres. The metre was decided by the number of beats in each line, for example: pentametre is 5 beats per line, triametre is three beats and so on.

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An Italian Sonnet consists of 14 lines divided into an octet (8 lines) and a sestet (6 lines). The rhyme scheme for an Italian Sonnet is typically ABBAABBA for the octet and either CDCDCD or CDECDE for the sestet.

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an italian sonnet an octave and a sestet or 2 quatrains and 2 triplets ;) in total it has to be 14 lines

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Q: What is the stanza for an Italian Sonnet?
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What is a term for a Petrarchan sonnet?

The Italian Sonnet

What verse form is used at the end of a sonnet?

The verse form used at the end of a sonnet is a rhymed couplet. This consists of two lines that rhyme with each other, usually forming a conclusion or summarizing the theme of the sonnet.

What type of sonnet is on seeing the elgin marbles?

its an italian sonnet

What form is the poem God's Grandeur of?

The answer is bstudy guid 91,108-111

Does the topic or focus of a Shakespearean sonnet shift after the first stanza?

Yes, the topic or focus of a Shakespearean sonnet typically shifts after the first stanza. The first stanza introduces the theme or problem, and subsequent stanzas often develop the idea, present a counterargument, or offer a solution. The final stanza usually provides a resolution or conclusion to the overall message of the sonnet.

What poetic conventions did Edmund Spenser invent?

Spenserian stanza and Spenserian sonnet.

The Shakespearean sonnet is also called?

It is also called the English sonnet. The other form is the Italian sonnet, or petrarchan sonnet.

What type of sonnet was Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote in?

Italian sonnet

What is another name for a petrarchan poem with a rhyming scheme abbaabba?

The rhyme scheme of a Petrarchan sonnet is abbaabba. It say's it in one of his books.

What type of stanza is used in the first and last stanzas of eros turannos from the man against the sky by edwin arlington robinson?

The first and last stanzas of "Eros Turannos" from "The Man Against the Sky" by Edwin Arlington Robinson are written in an eight-line stanza called an octet. This stanza form is commonly used in the Petrarchan or Italian sonnet.

What the two parts of the Italian sonnet?

The Italian sonnet consists of an octave, which is an eight-line stanza usually presenting a problem or situation, followed by a sestet, which is a six-line stanza providing resolution or commentary on the initial situation. The rhyme scheme of an Italian sonnet is typically abbaabba for the octave and either cdecde or cdcdcd for the sestet.

Did Shakespeare's sonnet make fun of Italian writers?

Sonnet CXXX did, yes.