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The official State bird of the US State of Oklahoma is the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher.

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Why did Oklahoma choose the scissor tailed fly catcher as the state bird?

In 1951 it became the state bird of Oklahoma :-D

What is the State bird of okahoma?

The state bird of Oklahoma is the Scissor tailed Flycatcher.

Of what state is the Scissor tail flycatcher the state bird?


Who picked the state bird for Oklahoma?

The 1951 State Legislature.

Which state has a state bird called the scissor-tailed flycatcher?


Scientific name for Oklahoma state bird?

Tyrannus forficatus

Which state bird is the scissor-tailes flycatcher?


What state is turkey the game state bird?

There are four states with the wild turkey as their state game bird. These states are: Alabama, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and South Carolina.

In state is there state bird the ringed-necked pheasant?

Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado,

Number one top ten facts about Oklahoma?

state bird scissor tailed flycatcher

Where is Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City located?

Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City is located in the state of Oklahoma.

What city is Oklahoma State University in?

Oklahoma State University is in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Where is Northwestern Oklahoma State University located?

Northwestern Oklahoma State University is located in the state of Oklahoma.

Where is Oklahoma Panhandle State University located?

Oklahoma Panhandle State University is located in the state of Oklahoma.

Where is Southeastern Oklahoma State University located?

Southeastern Oklahoma State University is located in the state of Oklahoma.

Where is Southwestern Oklahoma State University located?

Southwestern Oklahoma State University is located in the state of Oklahoma.

What county in Oklahoma is the state capital located at?

The Oklahoma State Capitol is in Oklahoma City and Oklahoma County.

Do urubu live in Oklahoma?

An Urubu is a certain type of Brazilian bird. Some sittings of the Urubu bird in Oklahoma have been reported.

What number state is Oklahoma?

Oklahoma State Number is 46

What state is Oklahoma in?

Not sure I understand the question. Oklahoma is a state.

What state was Oklahoma?

Oklahoma became the 46th US State.

Is Oklahoma the 28 state?

No, Oklahoma was the 46th US State.

What state is northeast of Oklahoma?

which state is north east of oklahoma

Oklahoma City is the capital of what US state?

Oklahoma City is the capital of the US State of Oklahoma.

What state is closer to Oklahoma state?

Any state that borders it. No one state is closer to Oklahoma.

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