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Rubbing alcohol is a liquid

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At room temperature, it's in a liquid state. Think of rubbing alcohol, or even drinking alcohol.

Alcohol is a liquid at room temperature.

No, because rubbing alcohol molecules are polar and alcohol molecules can hydrogen bond with each other holding them together. That is why methane is a gas a room temperature and rubbing alcohols (all types of alcohols in fact) are liquids at room temperature

A liquid compound that vaporizes readily at room temperature is called a volatile liquid. An example of this would be gasoline or rubbing alcohol

The normal boiling point of isopropyl alcohol is 82.6 C . Therefore, isopropyl alcohol ( isopropanol ) is a liquid at room temperature.

A physical property of isopropyl alcohol is that it is flammable at room temperature. A chemical property of isopropyl alcohol is it is oxidized by the liver into acetone.

Ethanol, for example, is liquid at room temperature.

If you think to ethanol this is a liquid at room temperature.

Pure ethanol has a density of 0,789 g/cm3at room temperature. Rubbing alcohol is also less dense than water because waters density is 1 g/cm3.

Ethanol (or ethyl alcohol) is a liquid at room temperature but will readily evaporate like most alcohols (assuming room temperature is 20-25 degrees Celsius)

Alcohol burns off at room temperature.

Though butanol may refer to any of 4 different compounds (depending on the placement of the alcohol group), all are liquids are room temperature.

The state of silver at room temperature is a solid.

Germanium at room temperature is in the state of a Solid

The state of Beryllium at room temperature is a gas. :-)

Steel is in a solid state at room temperature.

At room temperature water is in the state of a liquid.

The state of silicon at room temperature is SOLID State.

Alcohol is a liquid in room temperature.

it is a solid at room temperature

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