What is the status of Winco foods in Bend Oregon?

I heard Winco Foods has a couple of hurdles to get over before breaking ground in Bend. One is trying to gain access at Hwy. 97 (Bend Parkway) & 3rd St. The other obstacle is negotiating the purchase of a piece of property adjacent to where the store would be which is imperative to having the correct zoning. My husband has worked at Winco for ten years and we have been anxiously waiting for the Bend store to open so he could hopefully transfer...but it has been years! I hope it eventually gets off the ground. Andy O says: There is a perfect location just off Hwy 97.. the WalMart store, which is sitting empty. It has great access to north or south bound traffic on 97. Does WINCO feel that it HAS to be in Bend? I had the same thought, but I am sure the Super WalMart might pitch a fit with that one! My dad is in real estate and he was taking a look at the vacant building a year or so ago...and the car he parked next to had a briefcase with a Corperate Winco Foods ID tag on it, so I guess they were sniffing around at the same prospect. I think Redmond would be better than Bend actually, that way they get all of the surrounding areas including Prineville and Madras, and I am pretty sure people would go a little bit out of their way to save $40 every shopping trip.