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In Alabama perjury is a felony. As such there is a three year statute of limitations.

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Forgery is usually classified as a felony. In Alabama that limitation is set at three years.

Arson is a felony in Virginia. They have set the limitation at five years.

The statute of limitations on perjury depends on the type of perjury. Perjury during a capital crimes trial has no limitations, but perjury during a deposition has a two year statute.

It would normally depend on whether it was a felony or a misdemeanor. But Michigan does not differentiate. Perjury would be set at 6 years, not including time in which they are not living in the state.

I do not believe there is a statute of limitations on perjury in the state of Arkansas.

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If you have gotten a DUI in Alabama, there is no statute of limitations that applies. Due process has occurred and the penalty assessed. It is a part of the criminal record and does not go away.

Alabama takes a very time view on drug trafficking. As such, it has no limitation.

You could read the following case: It says it is 3 years in California.

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Perjury during an official proceeding has a statute of limitations of three years. Perjury during a non official proceeding has aÊtwo year limit. There is no limit for perjury committed in a capital offense.

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what is the statute of limitation in California for a weapons charge

If the perjury occurred during a trial for a capital crime, there is no statute of limitations. If it occurred during any other testimony, the statute of limitations is three years.

There is no statute of limitations. Call the claims department and file the claim! 4lifeguild

There is no statute of limitation for attempted murder in any state.

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There may be a statute of limitation on the criminal charges. However, the deed is null and void and does not convey the real estate if it is proved to be a forgery.

In Alabama that is a felony. There is no statute of limitations.

There is no law or statute of limitations regarding insurance claims. The limits are set by the policy, so read yours and see what the time limits are.

Each case is different. Hire an attorney or ask your local public defender's office for help.

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