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soggy doggy

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Q: What is the stinky pinkie for a wet poodle?
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Why does a poodle's fur turn reddish when wet?

well if your poodle is apricot, vanilla , champagne ect. then it is quite normal because most people when they wash or wet their hair it is darker than their usual colour until it is dry again

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I would guess there is something in the Little Cesar wet food that your poodle is allergic to or that is causing the diarrhea. It is not necessarily a problem with the food, or with Toy Poodles, but with the combination of the food and your specific poodle. There are many other wet foods available - I would suggest trying some of them out. The dietary quality is comparable so long as the AAFCO label is on the food.

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you are a fu©k tard

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