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What is the storage capacity of a DVD?

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DVD SizesThe most common DVD type is DVD-5 (1 side, 1 layer) having 4.7GB of storage. Double-sided DVDs are rarely used.

DVD-5 4.70GB Single sided, Single layer

DVD-9 8.54GB Single sided, Dual layer

DVD-10 9.40GB Double sided, Single layers

DVD-14 13.24GB Double sided, One side single layer, one side dual layer

DVD-18 17.08GB Double sided, Dual layer

When making a DVD, you can put 4,35 GByte of .vob material on it.

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What is minimum capacity OF dvd

Answer: The storage capacity of DVD RAM Single layer 4GB Double layer 8GB

The formatted storage capacity depends on the type of DVD media:4.7 GB for a single layer DVD8 GB for a double layer DVD52 GB for a Blu-Ray DVDActual data storage capacity can be enhanced by using various compression methods. The amount of storage capacity increase depends on the type of data stored as well as the compression method used.

The storage capacity of a DVD-ROM is 4.7 GB. This was once the most common format for movies which is being overtaken by Blu-ray discs.

In terms of storage capacity: Tape, DVD, CD, floppy disk. The actually capacity of tape depends on the media, transport mechanism, encoding method, and length of tape.

single layer blue-ray DVD can have the storage of 25gb where as double layer blue ray DVD can have the storage of 50gb

Blu ray has hi storage capacity than dvd. Dvd has hi storage capacity than cd- Kiran b

8.7 GB DVD storage capacity of 4.7 GB for a single-layered, single-sided disc and 8.5 GB for a dual-layered, single-sided discdouble-sided, single-layer DVD doubles the capacity to 9.4 gigabytes

difinitio of DVD ROM capacity and side and layes means

The capacity of a DVD varies depending on the type of DVD. The most popular used type of DVD is the DVD-5. This contains 1 layer of information on one side only. The storage capacity on this type is 4.7GB.

In terms of storage capacity, DVD+ and DVD- are identical. However, DVD+ and DVD- have slightly different coding formats.

As technology improves, so does the storage capacity of storage devices. The capacity of DVD is greater than CD and the capacity of blu-ray exceeds both. The lasers used in blu-ray devices and the material on the disk allow for more densely-packed storage.

The maximum rated capacity of a common DVD is 4.7 gigabytes. By comparison, a Compact Disc can only hold about 650 megabytes of data.

CD is compact disk or optical disk where you have the storage capacity of 700 MB(80 minutes of audio)DVD is digital versatile disk where you have the storage capacity of 4.7 GB.(6 times of CD)

Is it really the ' DVD' ? I have something says it's the DVD. but it seems to me the 'Floopy disk', don't you think?

Currently, a Blu-ray, dual layer DVD disc holds up to 50 GB of data.

Look at the Case Logic CD-DVD 336 Capacity Classic CD-DVD wallet for $33. Also Bellagio-Italia's CD-DVD storage binder for $15. Snap-N-Store has a CD Storage Box for about $5. All available at Amazon online.

DVD discs have much more capacity - 4.7 Gigabytes compared to a CD's 700 Megabytes. This means that each DVD can hold almost 7 CDs worth of stuff.

dvd or usb amount of storage for pictures

That depends on whether the DVD is single-layer, dual-layer, single-sided, double-sided, +R, -R, A DVD-5 (SL) disc can accommodate roughly 4.37 GB. Specifically, a DVD-R SL has capacity for 4.384 GB while a DVD+R SL has capacity for 4.378 GB. A DVD-9 (DL) disc can accommodate roughly 7.95 GB. Specifically a DVD-R DL has capacity for 7.957 GB while a DVD+R DL has capacity for 7.961. The double sided (DS) versions roughly double the overall capacity.

the storage capacity of each device is s

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