What is the strongest ghost type pokemon?


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Giratina possibly. I don't know if Arceus counts when it is holding a Spooky Plate. But probably Giratina now.

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Morty has ghost-type Pokemon, it's best to use a Pokemon that know's a dark type attack. Ghost Pokemon do not have many weaknesses but dark is strongest against them.

shadow ball is the strongest ghost TM

Giratina and Gengar appear to be the strongest Ghost Pokemon. Giratina (Ghost-Dragon) is a legendary, so it's even stronger than Gengar (Ghost-Poison).

Ghost Pokemon are weak against other ghost-type Pokemon and dark-type Pokemon.

Palkia or Kyogre are the strongest water type Pokemon.

You can beat a ghost type with another ghost type (Like Haunter)

I don't know about Pokemon black and white, but in Generation IV the strongest ghost move is Shadow Force, but only Giratina can learn it. A decent ghost move is Shadow Ball if you can't get an Action Replay DS.

The strongest Dark type move in terms of potential power is Punishment at 200 power though has a very big draw back to reach that power. The strongest Ghost type move is Shadow Force at 120 power. The Strongest Bug type move is Mega Horn at 120 power. Psychic and Dark Type Pokemon are indeed weak to Bug type moves.

Gengar is the fastest Ghost type pokemon.

Ghost-type Pokemon are weak against Ghost and Dark types.

Ghost type pokemon are weak against: Ghost type moves, and Dark type moves.

It is a Ghost/Dragon pokemon.

Steel and dragon becaus steel has 2 weaknesses and dragon has 2 aswell dragon type is the strongest type actually dark/ghost has no weakness and electric has 1 weakness (ground) so spiritomb and sableye(ghost/dark) are good and so is ampharos(electric)

Ghost-type Pokemon are weak against Dark and Ghost-type attacks. Any type can damage a Ghost-type, except Normal and Fighting-type attacks.

Ghost and Dark-type Pokemon are super effective against Ghost types.

The strongest flying type in Platinum is probably Arceus (when you change it to a flying type). If you do not have an Arceus than the strongest is probably Lugia.

There are ghost type 27 pokemon.

Yes, there are many Normal-type Pokemon that can learn Shadow Ball, among other Ghost-type moves, by TM. This is useful for beating Ghost-type Pokemon, since Normal-type Pokemon are immune to Ghost-type attacks.

ghost type Pokemon can hurt psychic and ghost. It kan hurt any types except normal and fighting

Legendary and Dragon-type Pokemon.

Dark type can beat ghost.

Ghost and Dark type moves.

Mismagius is a Ghost type pokemon.

Duskull a Ghost type pokemon.

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