What is the strongest glue for balsa wood?

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Any wood glue is fine and will be stronger than the wood it's self when done correctly. Titebond is excellent, and is also available in a waterproof version (Titebond3), as well.
Keep everything clean, clamp the joint, firmly without crushing the material, and don't expect end grain, to glue up strong, no matter the species of wood. Research how to glue up wood if you don't know, it takes more than good glue to make a good joint, in wood.
PS wipe up your glue squeeze out, with a damp rag.
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What is the strongest wood glue?

According to a test done by Fine Woodworking magazine, regular PVA and Type 1 PVA came out ahead amongst the six types tested. Refer to the "Related Links" below the advertise

Why is balsa wood used?

Balsa wood is used very widely in making flying models, because of it's strength and light weight.

Is balsa wood a real wood?

Yes, it's the dried wood of the (surprise surprise) balsa tree, Ochroma pyramidale , a member of the mallow family.

Does balsa wood have glue in it?

No, balsa wood is simply a very light, but strong wood, much used in models for it's strength relative to weight. You should glue it with TiteBond ll.
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What is the strongest type of wood glue?

TiteBond lll is the strongest wood glue ! - A very strenuous test was run last year by "Fine Woodworking " magazine and a national university science department. 12 wood gl