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The study of the chemical effects of electrical action?

chemical reaction

What is the study of the composition of chemical substances and their effects on one another?


Which type of environmental scientist is likely to study the effects of chemical spills on the environment?


What does thermodynamics mean?

Thermodynamics is the study of relationship of heat with other kinds of energy such mechanical, electrical, or chemical energy.

What energy sources uses chemical energy to produce electrical energy?

a battery.. got it off study island bby :)

What are the Uses of Electro- Chemical Effects?

Electrochemistry is the study of chemical reactions that occur due to electric charges. The most notable and ubiquitous application is the battery.

Why electrical students need to study mechanical engineering subject?

Electrical department is not independent one it depends on various fields like mechanical, chemical and etc.... Thats why to understand the concept and theory in detail we have to study the other dept like mechanical as well

What is the study of the rates of chemical reactions?

The study of the rates of chemical reactions is called "chemical kinetics."

Basic difference in electrical and electronics?

A: ELECTRICAL is the study of electron flow ELECTRONICS is the study of electrons emission

What is the study of heat changes in a chemical reaction?

This study is called chemical thermodynamics.

What is the basic difference between electronics and electrical?

ELECTRICAL is the study of electron flow ELECTRONICS is the study of electrons emission

Exact difference between electrical and electronics?

the main diffrent between electrical and electronics is Electrical is study of electriccity and electronics is study of the electical or databus controlle circuit. All machine need electrical Power. how much power it need? which electrical contolled it need? that study in Electrical but in Electronics how much power we need? and how to create that power for that we use some electronics circuit. that sutdy i electonics. It is a simple diffrent between electrical and elecronics. ANSWER: The difference is the study of electrons behavior. Electrical main concern is electrons flow. Electronics is a study of electrons emission.

What is the study of the mass relationships among reactants and products in a chemical reaction?

chemical study

What oceanographer study?

what does a chemical oceanographer study

What do electrical engineers study?

Electrical Engineers study and use Electrical Engineering, which is the theory and practice of all things related to the practical use of electrical energy. A closely related topic is Electronics Engineering.

Why do you have to study about electrical circuits in electrical engineering?

Electrical circuits are just one aspect of electrical engineering, and a huge aspect at that. The core groupings within electrical engineering are electricity, electronics, electromagnetics, and photonics (of course there is a lot of overlap between these, as well as more sub-groupings). Electrical circuits mostly fall under the electronics category. To put it in perspective, studying EE without studying electronic circuits would be like studying chemistry without studying chemical reactions. Study or understand? if you do not understand it is best to study it. I am always studying new electrical circuit technology just to keep up with our changing world. Some say why and others say why not.

The study of chemical reactions within the body is called?

the study of chemical reaction within the body is called

What chemist would study chemical change?

Practically all chemists are involved in the study of chemical changes.

Why should you study electrical engineering?

To understand and practice the Electrical engineering and finally become a good Electrical Engineer.

What chemical kinetics?

Chemical kinetics study the rate of chemical reactions and how they happen.

What part of speech is study?

Study is a verb. It describes an action.

What do you study to become a electrical engineer?

in the toilet

What is the study of electrical technology called?


Where can you study electrical engineering in Perth?

Over there ----->

What is study of matter and chemical reactions in the body known as?

the study of matter and chemical reactions in the body is known as