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What is the suffix meaning the act of?

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the suffix meaning act of is "ence"

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amnesia The words with the suffix -ia have the meaning of act/state

The suffix - ion means "condition of, result of, act of, process of, state of," and in medical

The suffix - ion means "condition of, result of, act of, process of, state of," and in medical

The suffix for attract is -act. -Act means to do.

The meaning of the suffix ance or ence means "the act of". It symbolises the action of the prefix. The combination of the two will describe what is doing the acting out.

Act is the suffix. This suffix means to do.

The suffix meaning tumor is oma.

Yes, distract does have a suffix. The suffix is -act.

What is the meaning of the suffix ior?

A suffix is added to the end of a word. There is not a suffix that means the word dog. Suffixes do not have meaning, they change the meaning of a word.

The suffix in injecting is ing.

The suffix for office is -ice. This suffix means act of.

-opia suffix meaning Vision condition

The meaning of the suffix -ate- is to make or to cause.

The suffix for act of acting would be 'ion' making 'action.'

A suffix is an ending. The suffixes "an" and "ian" mean of, or belonging to. An example of a suffix meaning belong to is Italian, meaning belonging to Italy.

Suffix: pathy Meaning: Disease,suffering

"Insect killer" is the meaning of the English word "insecticide."Specifically, the ending "-cide" refers to the deliberate ending of a life. It comes from the Latin suffix -cidium. The original meaning of the Latin suffix and therefore of the English language ending is the "act of killing."

pnea is the suffix of breathing

what's the meaning of suffix er? one that has/owns

The meaning of the greek suffix -onym is "word or name".

"Consider" is not a suffix. A suffix is a set of sounds which does not have a meaning on its own but when you tack it onto the end of another word, it changes the meaning. "Consider" is a word, not a suffix.

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