What is the summary of 'The Boy who cried Wolf'?

The basic summary to the story is:

A boy got bored watching sheep, and wanted excitement. So he called "Wolf!" The villagers came running, got mad at the boy because it was a prank, and left. The next day the boy did the same thing. The villagers got really mad at the boy, because it was a trick. The next day, a wolf came and attacked the sheep. The boy cried, "Wolf!" but the villagers didn't believe him, and no one came to help. The wolf gobbled up all the sheep.

There was a boy and he went outside and told his family, 'There's a wolf outside!' they came out and saw he was just playing a trick on them. He did it again and shouted, ' Look! There's a wolf outside!' They came out terrified but he was just playing a trick this time. Again, there really was a wolf outside but his family didn't come out because they just thought it was another trick. The boy got eaten.