What is the summary of bhatkan that is written by shail rastogi?

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bhatkan ek aisi akanki hai jisme shree shal rastogi ne bachon ki mansthiti ke baare me bataya hai. ye akanki hme prerit karti hai ki hm mata pita ko bachon par itna bhoj nahi dalna chahiye ki wo iss bhoj ke niche daba daba mehsos na karen. ye akanki hm jaise mata pita ko apne bachon ki man ki bhawanaon ko mehsos karne ke liye kahati hai. iss akanki mein do bache jo ki neeru aur manuj hai woh apne mata pita ko shikayat karte hai ki unhe ye ghar ghar nahi lagta aur wo usme akele reh rehkar daba daba mahsus karte hai . neeru apne pita se kehati hai ki ghar 1 thai hai jiska matlab hai ki jis parkar 1 khiladi khel mein jeet hasil karke bahut khush hota hai usi prakar neeru ke liye ghar me ghusne se hi use ghar aane ka ahsas hona chahiye tabhi ek ghar ghar hai.At the end both the parents talk to their child and tell them bout their problems and listen to their problems.
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Who was raju rastogi in 3 idiots?

Sharman joshi = Raju Rastogi R.Madhavan = Farhan Quareshi Aamir Khan = Ranchodd das schamand das chhanchad (Rancho) , Phunsukh wangadu Kareena Kapoor = Pia Boman Irani = Viru Sahastra Buddhe (Virus) .

What caste is 'rastogi' surname?

Rastogi's ,rustagi's, rohathgi's are from Suryvansha dynasty &clan of Maharaja Harishchandra named after Maharaja Harishchandra'sson Rohitshva (name is derived from Rohtas , rohit meaning sun, aasmeaning vansha). So, Rastogi Rustagi | Rohatgi | Rohtash | Dublish were one and wasfrom clan of Maharaj ( Full Answer )

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Is rastogi sheduled cast?

no in india any cast which is protected by consitution is shedule cast. only untouchable casts are included in shedule caste.rastogis r not untouchable.rastogis may be shoodrra as they are not yagyopaveet by pundits

Who is manoj rastogi?

Manoj Rastogi is a Delhi, INDIA based journalist and versatile Media Professional having interests in Writing, Film & TV production,Public Relations, Publications and Corporate Social Responsibility. He is founder & Principal of Telemission Media, A Leading 360 Degree PR & Media Consulting firm and ( Full Answer )

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Rastogi's ,rustagi's,rohathgi's are kshtriya's( Suryvanshadynasty) & clan of maharaja harishchandra named aftermaharaja harishchandra's son rohitshva- name is derived from Rohtas ( rohit meaningsun, aas meaningvansha).

What is the story of bhatkan?

it is a story of 2 children who are totally strayed and den how they realise how much of trouble their parents undertake just to give them comfort

What is the summary of bhatkan Hindi book written by Shail Rastogi?

bhatkan 1 aisi akanki hai jisme shree shal rastogi ne bachon ki mansthiti ke baare me bataya hai. ye akanki hme prerit karti hai ki hm mata pita ko bachon par itna bhoj nahi dalna chahiye ki wo iss bhoj ke niche daba daba mehsos na karen. ye akanki hm jaise mata pita ko apne bachon ki man ki bhawana ( Full Answer )

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