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Q: What is the summary of sanskar aur bhavna by vishnu prabhakar?
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When was Vishnu Prabhakar born?

Vishnu Prabhakar was born on 1912-06-21.

When did Mahendra Pratap die?

Vishnu Prabhakar died on 2009-04-11.

What has the author Vishnu Prabhakar written?

Vishnu Prabhakar has written: 'Story of Swarajya' 'Savrajyani Katha' 'Abhaya' 'Daktara' 'Great Vagabond' 'Awara messiah' -- subject(s): Authors, Bengali, Biography, Bengali Authors 'Mere hamasaphara' -- subject(s): Authors, Hindi, Biography, Hindi Authors

What are facts about Dhasavataram in a brief summary?

Dasavataram is about the cycle of Lord Vishnu in 10 forms.Right now,2010, he is in Kalki.

What is the meaning of Vishnu Sharanam?

Vishnu Sharanam means the total surrender to Vishnu the deity worshipped by the devotee IF you mean Vishnu Sahasranama, it means the One thousand names of Vishnu recited by devotees

Who is greater between Vishnu and Shiva?


What is definition of Vishnu?

Vishnu is a Hindu deity,

What were negative qualities to Vishnu?

the connection of Vishnu to Brahman is that Vishnu represents a power or quality of Brahman.

Who is the author of the book panchatantra?

Vishnu Sharma is the author of the book panchatantra.

What is the birth name of Vishnu Manchu?

Vishnu Manchu's birth name is Vishnu Vardhan Babu Manchu.

World powerfull mandras for lord vishnu?


Who worships vishnu?

hindus worship vishnu, which is rama