What is the summary of the poem Tribute to Papa by Mamta Kalia?

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Tribute to Papa by Mamta Kalia is one of the many poems included in a book about her personal experiences growing up. This poem basically talks about her relationship with her father and how much she appreciated him while she was growing up.
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Where can you buy tribute poems and plaques online?

I don't know of plagues, http://poeticfeelings.vstore.ca has a couple of tribute poems. You don't have to buy immediately, because you'll only find the snippet of the poem. Buy they can enable you get in contact with the poet to discuss the general idea behind the poem befor you buy it. They are qui ( Full Answer )

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Vikram seth by this poem "THE FROG AND THE NIGHTINGALE" wants to convey that how the incompettitive,rough people like the frog make a fool out of competent yet simple people. He wants to tell that we shold not come under the influence of such people because like the nightingale lost everything her v ( Full Answer )

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What is meant by a summary of a poem?

A summary of a poem has to be told by the writer because poems can have different meanings to people. Poems can have a summary about any topic.

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The poem "Daffodils" was written by William Wordsworth in 1807. Itis about the death of his brother which leads him into a deeploneliness. In the poem Wordsworth wants to be secluded and awayfrom the crowds as he wanders through the daffodils in remembranceof his brother.

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What is the Summary on mamta by jaishankar prasad?

mamta was a lady who gave shelter to humayun when humayun lost a war from sher shah suri. She was a widow and her father, chudamani, was a minister in the king's court.

Write summary of this poem?

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From discussion page: Lochinvar is a spirited lively narrative in which a young gallant abducts his fair bride under the very nose of the dastardly but destined bridegroom and the reluctant parents. Since non but the brave deserve the fair, the reader's sympathies are all with Lochinvar.

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The poem if is inspirational motivational and a set of rules for grown ups living . Kipling's if contains motto's and maxims for life and the poem is also a blueprint for personal integrity and self development . it is perhaps more relevant today than when he wrote it as an ethos and personal philos ( Full Answer )

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i dont know what will be the summary of the poem because i dont know the meaning of summary i am a school kid and now i am teched about summary......

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A brief summary of the poem Home and Love by Robert Service is thatwhen you have both home and love you are complete. One without theother is not enough.

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In Clifford Dyment's poem The Axe in the Wood, the narrator stops to watch someone chopping down an old tree. He mentions that it was visually appealing and he liked the rhythm and could see why people would look. He mentions also that he knows all the reasons that people give for chopping down old ( Full Answer )

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Toads Revisited by: Philip Larkin The poem describe a midlife crisis from the viewpoint of a middle age man, and lists the prejudices he has adopted for himself to justify his life. What he does not realize is that in cleawing to those prejudices, by despising the weak and infirm, the recupera ( Full Answer )

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Poem Summary Lines 1-8 These lines describe the narrator having crossed paths with some of the Dubliners who would become leaders of the Easter Rising. Their vitality is set against a contrasting background of the deadening places where they work - "counter or desk" - that are old and perhaps dirt ( Full Answer )

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"My Grandmother's House" is a short poem by Kamala Das. In summary,it is about a woman's life who went from richly loved to wanderingthe world seeking love in what is portrayed to be a loveless world.

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"Snake" is a poem by D.H. Lawrence. This poem can be summarized bysaying that is all about an encounter with a snake. It describesthe narrator's thoughts and feelings about the encounter and thethings that he saw the snake do. After the snake was gone thenarrator wished that the snake would return.

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it is a poem that describes a tragic, romantic story between the highwayman and Bess.

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Sugar Lights in the Sugar Field Lights in the sugar field There are four in all Three close together one a little ways off Like an outsider standing off Lights in the sugar field Call out to me Wanting me to join them I would be as the fourth An read more . 4 of 7 by Bridget Webber Give me ( Full Answer )

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Dust of Snow By Robert Frost The way a crow Shook down on me The dust of snow From a hemlock tree Has given my heart A change of mood And saved some part Of a day I had rued. Have you ever had just one of those days? You know what I mean. It would appear that our author, Mr. F ( Full Answer )

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Where one feels fearless and honored, where knowledge is free, where the whole world is united, where one expresses sincere feelings, where one tries so reach perfection continuously, where new ideas are not disturbed by dead tradition and where the mind is directed to generous thought and action, l ( Full Answer )

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I think that that the lines "the roses are red and white and vilets and lily cups" are a throwback to the poem we all know "roses are red and violets are blue" which is overused and shows that his meaning of life as a child was still premature to cliches, and life. He never really understood. For me ( Full Answer )

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Patriotism is written by poet Sir Walter Scott who has described the nature of unpatriotic person who only loves his money and power. So his death is doubly death; physical death and death of his soul. This is because he is unpatriotic to his native land where he is born an that country only gave hi ( Full Answer )

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the poet sarojini naidu has described about the different phases of life . since childhood till his death ..... and the different robes worn by them during every phase of life. when a child is newly born , he is made to wear a robe which is very soft and fluffy and gives him pleasure .....

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the boy was born blind that is why he sleeps at any time day or night he does not enjoy the sun but he can feel the suns heat on him he can know where anything is by using his hand to feel them

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My thoughts in William Blake\'s position.- Fair haired angel(Venus) angel of the evening(evening star), While the sun is starting to rest on the mountains, Rekindle the shining torch of love and wear your Radiant Crown, and bless our(other people and himself) resting bed(earth)! Smile on the ones w ( Full Answer )

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The speakerintroduces the lovely river town of Hamelin in Brunswick and tellsof its serious vermin problem 500 years before. Rats had overrunthe city, to the point that the public demanded of the Mayor and"our Corporation" that the rats be destroyed or else the peoplewould remove them from power. T ( Full Answer )

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Nissim Ezekiel has written many poems with different styles andthemes. A summary of his poems would include that the poems are adepiction of his humor, restraint, and that they provide simple yetstrong messages.

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