What is the supercritical state?

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(I suppose that you mean supercritical state of fluid.)

Supercritical state of liquid-gas is a state that liquid state and gas state stop to exist at particular temperature and pressure.

There is only just fluid state which has both liquid and gas property and if you change the pressure or temperature just a bit, it will change to one of the state.

How to achieve supercritical state ?

The supercritical state is done at HIGH TEMPERATURE and PRESSURE.

For example, the famous CO2 fluid (used to separate caffeine from the coffee bean) is acquired at 304.1 Kelvin and 72.8 atm.

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Q: What is the supercritical state?
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Is mist a liquid?

NOT: mist is a state between a gas and liquid (supercritical)Corrected:Mist is a heterogenous mixture of very tiny water droplets (liquid) 'hanging' in the air (gas).[More on supercritical fluids and the 4th state of matter, is found on the discussion page]

What are some examples of supercritical fluid?

the example of supercritical fluid are water deep inside the earth

Is Saturn mostly solid?

No. Saturn consists mostly of supercritical hydrogen and helium, in a state between liquid and gas.

Is there any application of supercritical fluid extraction in refinery?

Supercritical fluid extraction is now used in laboratories.

Define supercritical mass?

K(multiplication factor/reproduction factor) >1 (Mass of fissile material to be supercritical)

Why is nitrogen not used in supercritical fluid extraction?

Because at room temperature it behaves like gas. Although it is in supercritical state, its density becomes very low on temperatures far above critical value, so it behaves like gas and it's not useful for extraction.

What does the acronym SFIA in a refinery mean?

Supercritical Fractionation and Isomerization Area

Which word means having a temperature above a critical temperature?


Where are the supercritical boilers installed in India?

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) has despatched boiler columns for the first supercritical boiler, being manufactured in India. These columns will be used for installation of BHEL-built supercritical Boilers at Barh Thermal Power Project Stage-II, located about 75 kms from Patnain Bihar

Can a gas act as a nonpolar solvent?

Supercritical carbon dioxide is used as a non polar solvent to extract caffeine from coffee beens. Supercritical gases are not quite gases and not quite liquids but sort of in between.

What are the four different phases of mater?

solid, liquid, gas, supercritical fluid

What inactivates endospores?

Autoclave Chlorine dioxide Plasma Supercritical CO2 Glutaraldehyde

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