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Q: What is the surface temperature of the little dipper?
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What is the temperature of the little dipper?

It doesn't have a temperature. It's a group of individual stars.

What is the longitude and latitude of the little dipper?

Longitude and latitude correspond to locations on the surface of the earth. The little dipper is in the sky. The world, itself, spins on an axis and rotates around the sun, there is no stationary latitude or longitude which corresponds to the little dipper.

Is the North Star in the Big Dipper or the Little Dipper?

The little dipper

What is the name of the little dipper?

little dipper!

Is polaris on the end of the handle of big dipper or the little dipper?

Little dipper

What is the surface temperature of big dipper?

The Big Dipper is a constellation made up of seven stars and an awful lot of space in between.So probably just above 3 Kelvin.

Who is the little dipper named after?

The Little Dipper was not named after anybody.

Is the little dipper important?

The little dipper isn't important because it is not bigger than the big dipper

What is the Little Dipper's Nickname?

the small dipper.

What is a little dipper nicknames?

big dipper

What type of star is the little dipper?

The Little Dipper is not a star; it is a constellation, an arrangement or grouping of stars in the sky. The only notable star in the Little Dipper is Polaris, which is at the tip of the handle of the "dipper".Additional Information: The Little Dipper is also known as Ursa Minor.

In which constellation is the little dipper found?

The little dipper is part of Ursa Minor.