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I am trying to wire money from USA to Westpac bank in Joondalup but I need a Swift code or an ABA what is it

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2010-12-15 23:47:27
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Q: What is the swift code for westpac bank?
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What is swift for westpac private bank?

The Westpac bank's swift code is WPACAU2S and its routing number is 032980.

What is the swift code bank of Melbourne?

Bank of Melbourne was swallowed up by Westpac years ago. The Westpac SWIFT code for Melbourne is WPACAU2SMEL

What is the swift code for Westpac bank Australia?


What is the swift code for westpac bank in Tonga?


What is the IBAN code for the Westpac Bank?

Westpac's Swift Code is WPACAU2S (Australia does not use IBAN numbers)

What is the Swift code for westpac bank Perth?

WPACAU6PXXX WPACAU2S shld be correct instead....

What is the swift code of st george bank?

St. George Bank in Sydney, Australia is a subsidiary of Westpac Banking Corporation. The SWIFT code for International transfers is # SGBLAU2S.

What is the iban number of westpac bank?

Westpac's Swift Code is WPACAU2S (Australia does not use IBAN numbers) See

What is the IBAN and SWIFT code for Westpac Penrith Sydney Australia branch?

Funds will be transferred from a bank in Europe into my Westpac Business account. Please provide the IBAN / SWIFT numbers required.

What is Westpac Banking Corporation's US Correspondent bank for wires?

For all payments in USD INTO Australia for Westpac accounts, the USD correspondant bank is JP Morgan Chase, swift code CHASUS33

What is the swift code for Westpac Alotau PNG?

Try WPACPGP102A, note that Swift code for Westpac Port Moresby being the Wespac PNG head Branch is WPACPGPMXXX

What is the swift code for Westpac Surry Hills?

WPACAU2S It's the same for all Westpac Australian branches.

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