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the bee gets pollen from the flower therefore transfering pollen to another flower which creates the flower to pollinate, as the bee is flying from flower to flower, its collecting food to make honey for its food. therefore taking note that the symbiotic relationship is mutualism

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What is the symbiotic relationship between flowers and bees?

Mutualism. Because both of them benefit.

How can you make a sentence for the word symbiotic?

If I do answer this question, you and I will have a symbiotic relationship. You needed me to answer and I needed you to ask. Furthermore, bees and flowers have a symbiotic relationship. They need each other to survive.

What is the symbiotic relationship of a bee and flower?

Bees totally get nectar for food, but flowers totally get pollinated

Relationship between a bee and an orchid is what type of symbiotic relationship?

The symbiotic relationship between bees and orchids is mutualism because the bees collect nectar to make honey and the orchids get to be spread around and reproduce in different places

What is the symbiotic relationship between bees and Orchids?

Without the bee, there would be no orchid.

What is symbiotic relationship between humming birds?

The Humming birds , like bees , helps facilitate pollination in plants - this is a mutually , symbiotic , beneficial relationship .

What is a sentence containing the word interdependence?

The relationship between bees and flowers is interdependence; the bees fertilize the flowers by moving pollen from plant to plant and the flowers provide the bees with nectar for their assistance.

What is the symbiotic relationship of plants with seeds?

Plants make and propagate with seeds. It isn't a symbiotic relationship since that is inter-species. Many plants have symbiotic relationships with insects (bees and flowers). link on symbiosis: http://www.answers.com/topic/symbiosis?cat=health

What is an example of a symbiotic pair of organisms?

The common example is bees and flowers.

What kind of symbiotic relationship exists between plants and the bees that pollinate them?

The bees visit flowers in search of honey for their food and get tucked with pollen grains. When they visit another flower, some of the pollen grains from honey bees get off loaded on the stigma of that flower. If this stigma is compatible to those pollen grains, it encourages the pollens to germinate and fertilize ovules to develop embryos inside the ovules. Thus this symbiotic relationship of bees for food from flowers has developed so intimately that most of the insect pollinated flowers have modified their structure to allow a specific bee or insect to visit them.

What kind of symbtic relationship do marabou storks and bees have?

The symbiotic relationship between storks and bees is called commensalism. This is when one organism benefits, and the other organism does not benefit, but also isn't harmed.

What are some examples of symbiotic relationships?

Bees and Tulips/FlowersMoths and Yucca plants

What does a flower get out of a symbiotic relationship of bees and flowers?

Go watch a movie called "Bee Movie" it's actually pretty cute and explains pretty much everything

What kind of relationship between bees on flower?

It's a two-way relationship. The bees collect nectar from the flowers to produce food for the hive. At the same time - pollen from the flowers sticks to the insects, and is transferred to other flowers - which pollinates them, allowing the plant to reproduce.

What is the symbiotic relationship between the bees and pollen bearing plants?

The bees pollinate the flowers as the go between plants collecting nectar, the pollen sticks to their hairs and is transferred to the plants stamen. Without bees the planet would not be able to produce enough food to feed everyone and a global famine would cause many of the 6.5 billion humans to die.

What is a black bears symbiotic relationships?

There are a few examples of possible symbiotic relationships for black bears. It could be said that they have one with humans, as they commonly eat trash which is left out by humans. By the same token, they eat honey which is made by bees which could be said to establish a symbiotic relationship between the bears and bees.

What are examples of symbiotic relationship?

In Nature, symbiotic relationships are important. Some examples of symbiotic relationships are Ants and Fungi, African Oxpeckers and the various animals they ride on, and Bees and Orchids.

Symbiotic relationship between bee and stork?

There is a commensal relationship between the Marabou stork and a certain type of bee. This relationship could be considered symbiotic, but only according to a very broad definition of symbiosis, as the stork does not benefit at all from the relationship. This stork can cut through tough skin and hide with its bill, laying open the meat on which the bees can lay their eggs.

What are the relationship between a flower and a bee?

They have a mutual relationship. Bees go from flower to flower collecting pollen and nectar from them for food, and the flowers get pollinated and reproduce.

Do bees tap flowers for pollen?

No. Bees tap flowers for nectar and inadvertantly carry pollen between flowers and therefore cross pollinate the flowers.

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