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Q: What is the symbol for arsenic?
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What is the chemical symbol for arsenic?

The symbol for arsenic is AS.

Which element has the chemical symbol As?

As is the symbol for the element arsenic.

What does the element symbol As stand for?

The element with chemical symbol As, is Arsenic. Arsenic in part of the Group 15 family of elements along with Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Antimony and Bismuth. Arsenic has 33 electrons in a standard atom, with 4 electron shells and 5 electrons in the outer shell.

What is the code for arsenic?

The chemical symbol of arsenic is As.

What is the element for As?

As is the chemical symbol of arsenic.

What is the symbol AS?

As is the chemical symbol of arsenic.

What symbol is arsenic?


What element is As?

As is the symbol for arsenic.

Which element has the symbol As?

As is Arsenic.

What element has the symbol As?


What metal has the symbol AS?


How did arsenic get its symbol?

The symbol As is just from Arsenic. It would be 'Ar', but that's already taken, by Argon, earlier in the periodic table.