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I'm not sure

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Q: What is the symbol in sleeping freshman never lie?
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Important words and phrases in Sleeping Freshman Never Lie?


Who wrote the book Sleeping Freshman Never Lie?

The book "Sleeping Freshman Never Lie" was written by David Lubar. It was first published in 2005 and is a young adult novel that follows the experiences of a high school freshman named Scott Hudson.

What are some good songs for the book 'Sleeping Freshman Never Lie'?

creep from radio head

What are two main themes in sleeping freshman never lie?

Two main themes in "Sleeping Freshman Never Lie" are the challenges of high school life, such as making new friends and handling academic pressure, and the importance of self-discovery and personal growth during adolescence. The novel also explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and finding one's identity amidst the ups and downs of teenage life.

What is the theme of sleeping freshman never lie?

The theme of "Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie" is the challenges and transformations experienced during high school, as well as the importance of friendship, self-discovery, and adapting to change. The novel also explores issues such as bullying, identity, and the power of perseverance.

Who is the antagonist in Sleeping Freshmen never lie?

i think its vernon but im not sure :l

What is the central conflict in Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie?

scott gets mad at julia

What is the setting of Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie?

high school, house, and a little bit of it was in the hospitol

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