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a jewish symbol

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A zero is probably the size.

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Q: What is the symbol o with an arrow through it on the inside of a ring mean?
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What symbol is a skull inside a heart with an arrow pointing down mean?

Alkaline Trio

What does a U with an arrow through the U mean on the inside of a ring?

If you see a sign that has a U, with the arrow through the U, inside a ring, it means No U-Turn. This means that you should not change the direction you are traveling at that intersection.

What does an arrow inside the circle mean?

Usually, "Go this way."

Which unit does a circle patch with an arrow represent?

You may mean the symbol for male, if so then the symbol for female is a circle patch with a cross.

What does the symbol a square inside a square mean?

The symbol of a square inside of a square for electrical purposes means double insulated.

What does the arrow down picture symbol mean on the dashboard of your 1998 Chevy Malibu?

call your father

What does the symbol inside an elements square mean?

The symbol of an element is an abbreviation for the element's name, and it is derived either from the English or the Latin name. For example: Bromine's symbol is Br. The symbol inside an element's square is the element's atomic number, or the number of protons and neutrons in the element.

What does the arrow symbol mean on my 2002 ford 350 mean?

tell you what side the gas door is on we all forget from time to time

What does a circle inside a star symbol?

it mean it is a state capitol!

What does a circle with a letter A inside mean?

It's the symbol for anarchy.

What does a circle with triangle inside mean?

It is the symbol for Alcoholics Anonymous.

What does TB stamped inside a gold ring mean?

What does the symbol TB mean on hook of necklace