What is the symbol of James the Greater?

The symbols of Saint James the Greater are:key

pilgrim with wallet and staff

pilgrim‘s hat

pilgrim‘s staff



cockle shell

dark-bearded man holding a book

dark-bearded man holding a sword

dark-bearded man holding a scroll

dark-bearded man with a floppy pilgrim‘s hat, long staff, water bottle, and scallop shell

elderly, bearded man wearing a hat with a scallop shell

long cape

man mounted on horseback, trampling a Moor

man holding the long staff of a pilgrim from which a wallet or gourd of water is suspended

man with a thin beard, and the hair parted in the middle and flowing down on each side

man with shells around him

pilgrim of Compostella

scallop shell

scallop shell on his flapped hat

scallop shell on his shoulder

Saint James the greaters symbol was a Pilgrim's bell And a traveler's staff