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5768 is the year for new beginnings. All 8's are linked to new beginnings. 5700 = "may is be the year of" 60 - "Samekh" which is a circle or repeating cycle. 8 = "Chet" which always signifies a new beginning.
the number 8 itself means new birth or new bigining. 8 comes after 7 which means completeness. god created the world and rested after the 7th day, meaning that is when he had finished creating the world. now the 8th day mean that new things were starting again. it is time of new bigginings and to expect new things in your life be it financially, socially and spiritually. 8 means 'rebirth', in Israel circumcision was done on the 8th day, moreso Eight persons survived the Noahic Flood, which was a type of Salvation meaning the starting of a new world all together.

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Q: What is the symbolic meaning of 2008 or the year 5768 in Hebrew?
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