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The ancient name for dragonfly was 'kachimushi'. 'Kachi' means 'victory' and 'mushi' means 'insect'. Therefore samurai used to like to use the motif of the dragonfly as a symbol of victory.

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Q: What is the symbolism of the dragonfly in Japan?
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What is the symbolism of the dragonfly in china?

The dragonfly represents illusion.

What is the symbolism of the dragonfly tattoo in Japan?

It is the symbol of good luck, a good harvest and used as a symbol of warrior clans and emperors in Japan. In China it is the symbol of summer and also instability

Chinese dragonfly symbolism?

The dragonfly means a variety of things in Chinese. The dragonfly means power, poise, maturity and a depth of character.

What is the symbolism of a dragonfly spirit guide?

live life to the fullest and stop wasting time

What does it mean when a dragonfly enters your home?

There is a lot of symbolism associated with the dragonfly. When one enters your home is could be said to symbolize your adaptability, joy, and a connection to nature.

What is the symbolism of the hummingbird in Japan?

None. The hummingbird does not live in Japan

What is the symbolic meaning of a dragonfly during the day?

The same symbolism when you see a firefly at night........ Nothing

Symbolism of a dragonfly?

The old word for 'dragonfly' was kachimushi, 'kachi' meaning 'victory' and 'mushi' insect. For this reason the samurai adopted the motif as an auspicious one, representing victory

What is the most popular animal in Japan?

Probably the dragonfly

What do dragonflys symbolize?

Different cultures associate differently qualities to the Dragonfly. In Japan, Samurai warriors used the Dragonfly to symbolize power and victory.

What is the lion's symbolism in Japan?

A lion symbolizes safety in Japan. He is usually called "Shishi" Protector of Japan, in Japanese Buddhism and Shintoism religions.

What do dragonflies mean spiritually?

The dragonflies spiritual meaning is transformation. The dragonfly is a national emblem in Japan, meaning joy and rebirth. For the Mayan's, the dragonfly represents the goddess of creativity.

What is the symbolism of the snake in Japan?

There are a number of things a snake could symbolize in Japan. A snake could symbolize trickery or foolishness for example.

What country does the dragonfly represent?

Japan is the country that the dragonfly represents. The word for dragonfly serves as a homophone whose sound is the same as the word for "victory" in Japanese. The insect in question (Odonata order of damselflies and dragonflies) will call to mind autumn, samurai and summer in the Japanese archipelago.

Are dragonflies a symbol of some type of evil?

The meaning of a dragonfly changes with each culture. The main symbolisms of the dragonfly are renewal, positive force and the power of life in general. Dragonflies can also be a symbol of the sense of self that comes with maturity. Also, as a creature of the wind, the dragonfly frequently represents change. And as a dragonfly lives a short life, it knows it must live its life to the fullest with the short time it has - which is a lesson for all of us.There are many different representations of the dragonfly; it all comes down to which culture you happen to be in. For instance, if you are in Japan, the dragonfly symbolizes a new light and joy. Some animal symbolism has the dragonfly representing good luck, prosperity, swiftness, purity, harmony and strength. Some Native Americans believe dragonflies are the souls of the dead. There are also many cultures that believe that the meaning of a dragonfly is happiness, courage and subconscious thoughts. It is also believed that if you see two dragonflies paired together that they represent love and maturity.The dragonfly has been a symbol of happiness, new beginnings andchange for many centuries and even though the representation of the dragonfly seems to change throughout the cultures, there are still a few things that are similar; the dragonfly means hope, change and love.

What kind of animals live in japan?

Animals that live in Japan are the Japanese Doormouse, copper pheasent, Japanese macaque which is a small monkey, Japanese giant salamander, and primitive dragonfly.

What is the other name of Japan?

Historically, the Japanese have referred to Japan as "Nippon", but it is now more commonly referred to as "Nihon" by the Japanese. Japan is also known as "The Land of the Rising Sun", which is the symbolism of the Japanese flag.

What can a dragonfly do?

a dragonfly can fly in the air

What is the species for a dragonfly?

A dragonfly is an insect.

Why is a dragonfly not a fly?

why is a dragonfly not a fly

What is the name of dragonfly in English?


What are the life stages of a dragonfly nymph?

1. dragonfly nymph 2. dragonfly emerges from nymph stage 3. adult dragonfly

How do you make a sentence with the word dragonfly?

Both the butterfly and the dragonfly are insects, but the dragonfly is larger.

What preys on the dragonfly?

Birds prey on the dragonfly.

Is a dragonfly a reptile?

A dragonfly is an INSECT ! Not a reptile !