What is the synonym of conclude?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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achieve, bring down curtain, call it a day, cease, cinch, clinch, close, close out, complete, consummate, crown, desist, draw to close, end, halt, knock off, put the lid on, put to bed, round off, stop, terminate, top off, ultimate, wind up, wrap up

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Q: What is the synonym of conclude?
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What is the synonym of culminate?

close, terminate, climax, conclude

What is a synonym for cease?

stop, end, finish, discontinue, conclude, halt, terminate

What is a synonym for determine?

decide, settle on, conclude, resolve, establish, agree on, verify.

What is a synonym for resolve?

determine, agree, figure, undertake, work out, fix, answer, decision, decide, choose, conclude

What is the synonym of cease?

cease is a verb meaning to put to an end synonyms mights be: to stop, conclude, close etc

What is the synonym for decide?

resolve, judge, vote, figure, guess, poll, select, elect, conclude, establish, choose, agree

What are some synonyms for the word accomplish?

Achieve, complete, and finish are synonyms for accomplish. Other synonyms include succeed, fulfill, produce, conclude, and attain. The proper synonym depends on the context.

How do you use the word 'conclude' in a sentence?

We conclude that the study is correct.I conclude an alliance.

What are some synonym examples of the word fulfilling?

Some synonyms for the word 'fulfilling' include; accomplish, achieve, conclude, discharge, effectuate, execute, implement, finish, realize, please, satisfy, render, and suit.

How to use Conclude in a sentence?

Conclude your foolish computer game fast, and get back to studying. I will conclude my message. Every science project has a section to conclude it. Conclude is to end something. She did a short recap to conclude her speech.

Can you make a sentence with the word conclude?

I conclude that it is possible to make a sentence with the word "conclude."

What is the past tense of conclude?

The past tense of "conclude" is "concluded."