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Q: What is the synonym of potential?
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What is synonym of potential?


What is synonym for potential?

energy motion

What is a synonym for potential?

energy motion

What is a synonym for chemical potential energy?


What is the synonym's for prospective?

likely, probably, potential

What is a synonym for potential energy?

energy motion

Which word is a synonym has nearly the same meaning of the word potential?


Why is voltage considered to be the electric potential?

Voltage is just the name. Electric potential is a synonym. These are just customary terms, without any deeper reference.AnswerNo, voltage is synonymous with 'potential difference', not potential.

What is the potential voltage?

Unless you are using 'potential' in the general sense (i.e. "What is the possible voltage?"), there is no such engineering term as 'potential voltage'. Voltage is a synonym for 'potential difference', so your expression would then mean "What is the potential potential difference?"Do not mix up 'potential' with 'potential difference' (voltage); they are two different things.

Which is the best synonym for potential energy?

A.Stored energyB.Energy in motionC.Energy due to its gravityD. Mechanical energy

Is rebellious a synonym of the word potential?

No. Rebellious is to resist control. Potential is when something has the possibility of coming into being. Examples: A teenager who refuses to listen to her parents is rebellious. Moving to a different city without a job can be a potential problem.

What is the best synonym for potential energy?

If you refer to gravitational potential energy, you may call it "gravitational energy". However, potential energy may refer to a variety of energy types, including chemical and nuclear energy. You might informally call it "energy of position", but that is not very accurate.