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Generally, take home pay is net pay.

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Q: What is the take home pay the gross or net?
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Related questions

Is net pay always more than gross pay?

No ... Net pay is what you get to take home after taxes. Gross pay is your salary before taxes.

Is gross pay the same as net pay?

No, net pay is your take home pay after taxes and other deductions

What is net pay on a pay slip?

The amount you take home. Net pay is the gross pay less all deductions.

What is the difference between gross pay and net after tax incomes?

The difference between gross pay and net pay is that gross pay is the amount that you receive before tax deductions and pay net is the money you take home after all the tax deductions

How do you solve net pay?

Net pay is what remains from gross pay after all deductions, such as tax, have been made. It is your 'take home' pay.

True or false your take-home pay is known as your gross pay?

That is false. Gross pay is the amount that an employer pays, before deductions for taxes. What you actually take home is called the net pay.

How to calculate take home pay?

Go to and enter your gross salary. It will work out your net pay.

What does groos pay and net pay mean?

Gross pay total amount of earnings for the time period. Less all of the necessary withholding that will have to withheld from the gross amount then you paycheck will be issued to you for your net pay. Net paycheck take home pay.

What percentage of gross pay equals net pay?

The amount is not a straight percentage. Gross pay is the amount you are paid before any tax withholding. Net pay is the amount you take home after taxes are withheld from your paycheck.

How do you use net pay in a sentence?

If you take gross pay and take out taxes and fees you are left with net pay.

When you earn a paycheck is it important to know how to compute the deductions to form your gross pay?

Your GROSS pay is before any deductions. Compute deductions, subtract them from your gross pay, and get your NET pay- that is how much you get to take home.

What is gross pay minus deductions?

Pay including all benefits is called a gross pay. However, after deductions carried, it may be termed as "NET" pay or 'take home salary'.

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