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What is the take up on a half-inch breaker?

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do you mean bender? If so, 5"

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How do you tell a single pole breaker from a double pole breaker?

A single pole breaker will take up one single slot in a household distribution panel. A two pole breaker will take up two slots in the distribution panel. Older double pole breaker installations had two breakers side by side with the two switch handles physically tied together. Today two pole breakers are one unit containing two output terminals for the output circuit. This new configuration has only one handle to operate both sides of the breaker for shutting the circuit off and resetting a tripped breaker.

What is the standard to select circuit breaker?

Add up your amps to calculate your breaker size. Add up your loads (amps), divide by 0.8, and choose that size breaker. If that number does not correspond to a standard size breaker you go to the next higher standard size breaker.

How do you wire an ark fault circuit breaker?

install breaker in panel and put the hot wire on the breaker and also there should be a place for the neutral on the breaker also both wires will be landed on the breaker in different spots and then take the white wire that is coiled on breaker and land it on the neutral bar

What breaker to use in a bedroom that holds up to 15 amps with 120v?

15 amp breaker.

When setting up a breaker box how do you determine circuit breaker capacity?

find amphere required

What actions would you take if you find a circuit breaker is stuck?

Replace it immediatly, the breaker is no longer within code.

What is Local breaker back up protection?

Breaker is a protective device that cuts off the electrical circuit in case of fault. The additional breaker can be provided as backup protection locally, which is known as local back up.

What size breaker do you need for 9000W at 440V 3 phase delta?

50amp but if considering the breaker cannot withstand starting current you need to size the breaker up.

Can you replace a 20 a breaker with a 25 a breaker?

For typical residential house wiring 12 AWG wire is required for a 20 Amp breaker. If you change out the breaker for a 25 A breaker you would have to rewire the circuit with 10 AWG. In that case you could up the breaker to 30 Amps. All outlets and switches should be rated at the same voltage and current as the breaker.

Could a bad circuit breaker effect a different circuit?

If the faulty circuit breaker was heating up and the adjacent breaker was near its amperage capacity, a rise in ambient temperature on the adjacent breaker could lower the set trip point and the breaker could trip.

How many amps does it take to trip a 20 amp breaker?

The rating on the handle of a breaker is the trip amperage. So to answer your question, it takes 20 amps to trip a 20 amp breaker. This is the same theory with all breaker amperage numbers.

Can you change a 250v 15 amp breaker with a 115v15 amp breaker?

No, it would not be safe because 250v is too high for that breaker. <<>> In North America all household breakers are rated at 120/240 volts. A 250 volt 15 amp breaker would would be a two pole breaker and take up two slots in the distribution panel. This can be pulled out and replaced with two separate 15 amp breakers or one 15 amp breaker and a slot panel filler to cover the second slot.

Could a faulty circuit breaker effect another circuit in the same box?

If the faulty circuit breaker was heating up and the adjacent breaker was near its amperage capacity, a rise in ambient temperature on the adjacent breaker could lower the set trip point and the breaker could trip.

Where is the box breaker in ratchet and clank up your arsenal?

In the Zeldrin Starport. when you arrive, dont go to captain Qwark. follow the passage and you will end up with the box breaker upgrade.

Can you add a breaker in the existing electrical panel?

Typically yes. Sometimes there are spares already installed. If the panel is completely full, there are often dual breakers that take up only a single slot. There could be an issue of overloading the main breaker, but that would be rare. \

Is there a difference between 480volt 30 amp breaker and 208volt 30 amp breaker?

Yes, all breakers have an insulation factor as to the maximum amount of voltage the device can be subjected to. A 208 volt breaker has a maximum up to and including 240 volts. A 480 volt breaker has a maximum up to and including 600 volts. A higher voltage rating breaker can be used on lower voltages but not the other way around.

What is similar between a fuse and a circuit breaker?

If they take more current then they are designed for then they break the circuit. (A fuse blows and a circuit breaker throws a switch).

How do you tell the difference between square d 3 pole 50a breaker and square d 3pole 50a breaker with shunt trip?

the easiest way to tell, is the shunt trip breaker will actually take up 4 spaces in your panel. the 4th space will have a neutral wire coming out of it, along with a lug for power INPUT. when voltage is applied to the shunt trip, it will cause the other 3 poles to open by tripping the breaker.

Why does your circuit breaker keep popping?

The load current is greater that the amperage of the breaker. Add up everything that is plugged into the circuit. If the total is greater that the number marked on the handle of the breaker unplug some of the equipment.

What size breaker does it take to run a outdoor well?

Normally AWG #10 wire on a 30 amp breaker but it really depends on the size of the pump. The pump manufacture will specify the size wire and size breaker needed.

Why do your headlights on your 92 crown Victoria flash while driving?

Headlights have a thermal circuit breaker. A short to the headlight (positive to ground) will cause the breaker to trip. The breaker cools and the lights come back on till the breaker heats up. Find the short and fix it.

What size breaker for a 3 HP submersible pump?

AWG # 10 copper on a 30 amp breaker up to a 50 foot run.

Will a circuit breaker give off less amperage?

A circuit breaker does not give off amperage. A circuit breaker allows a flow of current up to the rating of the breaker. Any current higher than that of the breaker's rating will open the breaker's contacts and stop the flow of current.

Why does a fuse blow or a circuit breaker trip?

The current through the device exceeds the rated value. In a fuse the wire in the fuse just melts. In the breaker a switch opens up which is usually caused by heat that trips the breaker. The heat is caused by the excessive current inside the breaker.

How many amps does it take to trip a 15 amp breaker?

A 15 amp breaker will trip at 15 amps at an ambient temperature of 40 degree C. If the ambient temperature is higher the breaker will trip before 15 amps and if the ambient temperature is lower the breaker will trip after 15 amps.