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song title is Temple of Dreams by a band called Messiah

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Techno song with a woman saying tic toc?

Tik Tok by Ke$ha

The song where it starts with a guy saying bass it is a techno song?

Privet Russia by Basshunters

What is techno music video with a girl running through a forest?

Titanium by David Guetta

What is techno music video with a spy-type girl running through a city?


What techno song has a chorus saying im losing your mind?

Green Velvet 9artist) The Stalker from 1996

What is the house or techno song that has a woman's voice saying I'm dying throughout the song?

Zedd- Clarity :) enjoy

Is metro station a techno band?

Its a brand of Techno. Techno/pop, I guess? I dunno I've heard some people refer to them as Techno/Punk...... I dunno what I'd call it exactly, but yes, it is Techno. (But not raw/pure Techno)

What is techno business?

techno business means

What is techno sampling?

Testing samples of techno.

What is the meaning of Techno commercial?

Techno commercial means technical and commercial. This business is Techno commercial.

Techno song that starts out with male voice saying da da dadadadada dada da da?

Yo gotti standing in the kitchen?

What techno song has a woman saying tic tok many times in it and its a fast paced song too?

possibly "tic toc" by klea?

Where is techno popular?

Techno is popular amoungst the rave scean.

What does bina techno malewa petit mean?

what does techno malewa

When was Techno India created?

Techno India was created in 2001.

Why did is techno music named techno?

because techno is part of technology, if you listen to it youll hear that its all made on a computer

Where was the birth of techno and house music?

house = Chicago ; techno = Detroit

What is the techno song with a girl screaming?

What is the techno song with a girl screaming?

What is the plural for techno?

The word techno has no plural; techno is a type of music and just like classical, blue grass, or jazz, there is no plural form.

Which US city did techno originate?

Detroit is the city most commonly stated as originating the techno genre. This original form of techno is called Detroit techno. It still exists today. I hope this answers your question!

Techno will change in 15 years?

I feel that techno will change in the sense that its sub genres will be as popular as techno, if not more popular. Needless to say that there will be new sub genres of techno in the future. I hope this answers your question!

What decade did techno first emerge?

techno emerged in Detroit in the 1980's.

What is Techno - Commercial Sales describe Briefly?

techno commercial sales?

Are the ting tings techno?

The Ting Tings are more Pop music then they are Techno.

What is that techno song in the sprint commercial?

Haito & Diringer - PerceptionIt is not techno, it is minimal

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