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The tee is an area of a Golf course, usually raised and closely mown, where it is designated that players must hit their tee shot from.

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What are the percussion notes to go tell aunt rhody?

Ta, tee tee taa, taa, tee, tee, tee tee ta, ta, ta ta taa, taa, tee tee tee tee ta. Ta, ta ta taa, taa, ta ta tee tee ta, ta, ta ta taa, taa, tee tee taa.

How do you say tortillas in Spanish?

Tor -tee -yasTor -tee -yasTor -tee -yasTor -tee -yasTor -tee -yasTor -tee -yas

When was Tee Tee Luce born?

Tee Tee Luce was born on 1895-07-19.

When did Tee Tee Luce die?

Tee Tee Luce died on 1982-09-09.

Do you have to use a tee when hitting from the tee box?

No, but that is what the TEE BOX is for.

How large is the big dipper?

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Can the tee command make five copies of a file?

cat inputfile | tee file1 | tee file2 | tee file3 | tee file4 > file5

Can you use a tee for any shot?

No, you can only use the tee on your tee shot on every hole. Your tee shot is any shot that is hit from the designated tee box, and the teeing are is defined by the two tee markers. If you need to hit a provision shot from the tee box, you may use a tee. But you can not use a tee from anywhere else.

Who was Tee Tee related to on The Game?

TEE is related to golf game.

What are the first seven multiples of tee?

They are tee, 2*tee, 3*tee and so on to 7*tee.

Whats another word for to a tee?

Generally the tee is called simply the tee, however it may be extended to tee peg.

Le Tee in french means what in English?

The tee. Le tee-shirt means the tee-shirt, therefore leaving you with that.

If a hit a tee shot out of bounds and you lose your ball Are you playing your 4th shot from the tee?

Player who hit "ob" is hitting 3 from the tee. If lose your ball on the tee shot you must return to the tee and re-tee hitting your 3rd shot.

Who tees off from the tee?

at the begining of every one of the 18 holes each player must tee off from the tee Answer By FutureLPGAgolferI tee off from the tee! (and everyone else who plays golf holes.)

Can you use a tee in the fairway?

No, you can only use a tee in the teeing area, when you hit your tee shot. You may not tee your ball up again during that hole.

How far from tee markers can you tee the ball?

only two clubs length behind the tee markers

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