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What is the telephone number for Warner Bros. Entertainment?

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As per Time Warner's website, the contact information for Warner Bros. Entertainment is as follows: Warner Bros. Entertainment 4000 Warner Blvd. Burbank, CA 91522 Phone 818.954.6000

2006-08-02 20:12:09
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Q: What is the telephone number for Warner Bros. Entertainment?
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When was Warner Bros. Family Entertainment created?

Warner Bros. Family Entertainment was created in 1992.

What other companies are linked or owned by Warner Bros?

Warner Bros. is itself a subsidiary company of Time Warner. However, Warner Bros has some subsidiary companies including:New Line CinemaDC EntertainmentWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentWarner Bros. AnimationWarner Home VideoWarner Bros. Television

Are Time Warner and Warner Records connected in any way?

Time Warner, Inc. is the parent company to Warner Bros Entertainment, Inc. which owns the Warner Music Group which owns Warner Bros. Records. Time Warner ---> Warner Bros. Entertainment ---> WMG ---> WB Records

Does Warner Brothers of the UK have an office in the United States?

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Time Warner Inc., a Delaware, U.S.A. corporation), Warner Bros. Online Inc. (a Delaware, U.S.A. corporation), Warner Bros. Entertainment UK Limited (a company incorporated in England), and, in respect of the data collected from a specific territory, the local Warner Bros. Entertainment Group entities enumerated in this list. The companies listed in this paragraph all are part of the Warner Bros. Entertainment Group ("we," "us" and "our"), which is made up of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and its subsidiaries. Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. is owned by Time Warner Inc. Warner Bros. Online, 4000 Warner Blvd., Bldg. 505, Burbank, CA, U.S.A. 91522Time Warner Inc. One Time Warner Center New York, NY10019-8016 212.484.8000

What are famous logos?

Warner Home Video, Walt Disney, Warner Bros, and Warner Brothers Family Entertainment.

Which is the Largest film production company?

Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. a subsidiary of Time Warner.

What is the address to send a complaint letter to Warner Bros?

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.4000 Warner Blvd.Burbank, CA 91522CA Tel. 818-562-3062

Does Warner Bros own Dualstar?

Dualstar Entertainment Group is a privately-held media company and is not owned by Warner Bros., although its home entertainment division Warner Home Video distributes material from Mary-Kate and Ashley on VHS and DVD.

What is the Address of Warner Brothers?

Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. (818) 977 - 7900 4000 Warner Boulevard Burbank, California 9152

Who are the bros refer to in Warner Bros?

The founders of Warner Bros are: Jack Warner Harry Warner Albert Warner Sam Warner ;-)

What is the contact number for mumbai office of warner bros mumbai?

The numbers for warner bros mumbai is 022 - 66112539

What is the phone number of the London office of Warner Bros Entertainment?

98 Theobald's Rd, City of London WC1X 8WB(020) 7984 5000

Which studio created looney toons?

TM and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. TM & DC Comics

What are the release dates for ABC's Wide World of Entertainment - 1973 Warner Bros- Movies A 50 Year Salute?

ABC's Wide World of Entertainment - 1973 Warner Bros- Movies A 50 Year Salute was released on: USA: 12 December 1973

Where is the office in London of Warner Brothers?

Warner Bros Entertainment UK Warner House 98 Theobald's House London England WC1X 8WB See related links for the website

Brothers who started the movie industry?

Warner Bros Warner Bros

When was Warner Bros. created?

Warner Bros. was created in 1918.

What company does Robert Pattinson work for?

He worked for Warner bros and summit entertainment but other than that I don't know.

What industry is Warner Bros famous for?

Warner Bros if famous for being in the film industry. It is a subsidiary of Time Warner. Warner Bros opened their first theater in 1903 in Pennsylvania.

Is animaniacs a Disney movie?

Animaniacs is owned by Amblin Entertainment and Warner Bros Animation. It is not associated with the Walt Disney Company.

Was Lord of the Rings a warner bros?

New Line Cinema which is part of Warner Bros .

What year was Warner Bros. founded?

Warner Bros. was founded in the year of 1923.

What relation does Warner Bros have to DC comics?

Warner Bros. owns DC comics

When did Warner Bros. Cartoons end?

Warner Bros. Cartoons ended in 1969.

When was Warner Bros. Cartoons created?

Warner Bros. Cartoons was created in 1933.