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This is the number: 408-685-0807

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Q: What is the telephone number for answers dot com?
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What is answer com number?

The answers dot com number is not provided to the public domain.

How truthful is answers dot com?

it is not.

Is it me or is Answers dot com better than any other such as brain ly?

Answers dot com has webpages

Why does following the instructions in the page answers dot com slash Q slash How do you join Answers dot com bring up a page that requires joining Facebook before one can join Answers dot com?

Ahhh..... Join Facebook.

How can you answers questions on answers dot com?

You type in a question and click answer it

How do you get answers dot com special badges?

by contributing.

What is a three letter word for full stop?

"Dot". As in www.(dot)wiki.(dot)answers.(dot)com.

What website can you find a good dictionary?

A website for an online dictionary or a thesaurus is can find a dictionary and a thesaurus on that website.

Why is it called answers dot com when you ask questions shouldn't it be named questions dot com?

It's called answers because when you ask a question on this site it gets answered

Why can't answers dot com answer my questions?

because there not as good as we are

Do answers dot com stink?

No, websites do not emit odour

Is answers dot com a real website?

Yes they are, However they are not always accurate. never use answers . com as your only source of information. always seek several opinion's.