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The number for Ebony/Jet is 800-999-5954.

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Q: What is the telephone number for ebony magazine?
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Who is the editor of ebony magazine?

As of September 2021, the editor-in-chief of Ebony magazine is Marielle Bobo.

Who created Ebony magizine?

John H. Johnson was the creator of Ebony magazine. The magazine has been published since 1945. The magazine is targeted for African American readers.

How much can you get for a ebony magazine October 1981 with Jackson Five o front?

how much is my october 1981 ebony magazine with the jackson 5 worth

Who started publishing Ebony Magazine?

Ebony is published by Johnson Publishing Company. It is a monthly magazine catered to the African American public and it was founded by John H. Johnson. The publishing company is named after him.

What are the release dates for Celebrate the Dream 50 Years of Ebony Magazine - 1996 TV?

Celebrate the Dream 50 Years of Ebony Magazine - 1996 TV was released on: USA: 28 November 1996

Did the Ebony magazine change over time?

Ebony magazine has changed in many ways one being they are more divers then back in the day . They use not only back people to advertise but non-blacks to

What is ebony magazine 1984 year of magaizens vaule?

Eebony magazine 1984 year of magaizens vaule is $ 25

How much did the first issue of ebony cost?

The first issue of Ebony magazine was published in 1945 and had a cover price of 25 cents.

How do you find recipes printed in 1982 Ebony Magazine?

You look in the contents. Or the library.

How can you find an old pound cake recipe from Ebony Magazine?

I'm looking for a recipe for Mrs. Peal pound cake that was featured in ebony magazien.

Black magazine first published during ww11?

The black magazine that was first published during World War Two was called EBONY magazine. It was published in November of 1945.

Who was on the cover of ebony magazine Feb 1946?

The cover of Ebony magazine in February 1946 featured boxer Joe Louis and his wife, Marva Louis. The couple was one of the nation's most popular and respected African American couples at that time.